Saturday, May 23, 2015

When your cat brings you a tree rodent......

You make Enchiladas!

Ok.  So that was a pretty bad take on the, "If life gives you lemons" adage.  But it's still true.

A few weeks ago, Manboob, I mean, Outside Kitty brought me a gift.  A gift of a freshly deceased squirrel.  It's skull, just moments before, being pierced by my feline companion's pointy teeth.  Normally, Outside Kitty will show off his kill and then refuse to give it to me, but this time he laid his quarry down at my feet.  How could I not accept this gift without upsetting him?

So I got my handy-dandy squirrel skinning knife (a fancy pants knife brought back from Italy as a gift from a good friend of mine) and proceeded to relieve the tree rodent of it's coat, gets, feet, head and tail.  Outside Kitty was keenly interested in the happenings so since he was generous enough to provide me with his bounty, I made him a little plate of the choicest parts of the squirrel:
Livers, heart with a catnip garnish.
Outside Kitty wants to know what wine pairs best
with squirrel.
A single squirrel isn't much of a meal, let alone a meal for three, so it went into the freezer until we could plink a few more.  Over the next two weeks either Paul or I managed to fill the squirrel bag up with another five so it was time to do something with them before they were lost to the abyss of the deep freezer.  There was also enough to invite company over for supper.

Not surprisingly, Mom didn't want to come to supper.  Not sure if my sister and her husband had been here if they would have joined us.  So the only other couple that I know who would enjoy - or at least not yack at the prospect of - a homemade squirrel supper was Adrian and Aaron.

They brought the chips and homemade salsa and I made the main course; squirrel & goat cheese enchiladas.  Which I failed to take a picture of, but honestly, it's difficult to make enchiladas, rice and re-fried beans look good on a plate no matter how hard you try.  But it didn't have to look good, it just had to taste good.  Which, if I do say so myself, was more than good.  In fact, Rhiannon had leftovers for breakfast this morning.

Outside Kitty brought a baby bunny yesterday as I was pressure cooking the squirrels, but I let him and Charlie have it.  Now that I think about it, I should have taken it from him and we could have had rabbit and dumplings......


  1. cat brings baby bunnies but they are so tiny. he only eats the heads. i bury the tiny bodies so i'm not faced with flies and malodor.

  2. I can't imagine how you were able to teach your cats to hunt for you! Mine just bring part of frogs, lizards and mice.

  3. You are so friekin' weird! I LOVE you!

  4. My cats bring animals, but they eat them entirely. Some days they bring mice to the porch, as we are grilling and eating. Not so fun to watch them crunch and munch as we are eating. Sounds like you made a good meal.