Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why? Eh. Why not.

I'm going to have to change my phone number.

Got a call from someone who got my number from an acquaintance.  Said that I might be able to take some birds off his hands.

So what did I do?

You know exactly what I did.  I took them.
Little chickens, giving me the ChickenEye already.
Unfortunately, it appears that three of the six smaller chickens are roosters.  I have nine roosters now (including the two new acquisitions).  I do not need, nor want nine freaking roosters.  The constant crowing is really beginning to get on my nerves.  And the fact that I don't incubate eggs anymore means that I'm feeding useless birds.

Not only that, but when I agreed to take the birds, one of those birds was supposed to be a turkey.  A turkey that I was looking forward to fattening up for a homegrown Thanksgiving supper.  The turkey never made it to the house for whatever reason.  The man said something about his wife wanting "to say goodbye".  It's been a week now since he was here.  I'm thinking my dreams of a homegrown turkey have been foiled.

So.  Now I have five more roosters.  None of which I really want, but will probably end up keeping the three fanciest and nicest ones.  The rest are going on the local livestock page and I don't care what happens to them because the only eventual outcome of them staying here is that they'd become soup, dog food or I'm going to have Paul strap them in the clay thrower and blow their brains out with the 12-gauge.

Depends on how cranky I am at the time.


  1. Soup, soup, I vote for soup! (And I thought our three roosters were noisy this morning!)

  2. Good gawd! I have at least five coming up in the tweenagers. Just can't wait. I'm happy with my one roo and the latent one - who only occasionally croaks in the dark. I vote for soup, too.

  3. "...or I'm going to have Paul strap them in the clay thrower and blow their brains out with the 12-gauge." This, Carolyn. This is why I love your blog.

    Maybe the turkey lady is just having a really long goodbye. We call them Minnesota goodbyes here. You say goodbye at the dining room table, then you meander to the front door, say goodbye again, then out on the front step...then the yard...then the's a very long process. ;)

  4. MamaPea, although I'm sure it's still freezing at your place and perfect weather for soup, I'm probably going to pass on putting a bunch of rooster parts in a huge pot and letting it simmer all day in the kitchen when it's pushing 80 outside.

    Nancy, stew sounds a little more appealing. Maybe I can put the crockpot outside on the porch.

    Susan, Of course you vote for soup, you and the cats/dogs are probably all bundled together on the couch under sixteen blankets.

    Amy, Thank you Amy. There's always a part of me that says, "Maybe I shouldn't write that".....but I usually ignore it.

  5. No room left in the freezer?

  6. At least they didn't drop them off anonymously during the night.

  7. Nine roosters! Ha,! it's definitely time to change your phone number!