Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow of the Year

This is the second snow of the winter as it did snow a teeny-tiny bit on Christmas, but technically it’s the first snow of the year – and hopefully the last.  More ice-bucket chipping in the morning and trying to convince the chickens that the snow will NOT kill them.
I don’t know how those of you in snow-prone areas do it.  Or why.  I suppose some of you crazy folks actually like snow, or sub-zero temperatures, or having to walk through foot-high snow drifts to haul hay and chip 2” thick ice out of water buckets.  They say you get used to the cold.  But then again I suppose I’d get used to somebody poking me with a sharp stick, but I generally try to avoid unpleasant things.
It’s not like we’ve never considered living in some of the northern states.  We actually looked at some property in Wisconsin that was right on the Menominee River & you looked across to the UP.  It was beautiful, peaceful…….. and we had to wear snow shoes to walk the acreage.  I’m not the most graceful person in snowshoes and definitely not the most pleasant after falling a dozen or more times.  When Paul gets in one of his “I need more space” kind of moods & asks me why we don’t live in the mountains of Idaho I just say one word, “Snow”.  And he immediately returns to whatever else he was doing before the urge to become a hermit hit him.
Even though we moved south it wasn’t far enough that Krazo Acres doesn’t get hit with nasty winter weather and I have a sudden, but fleeting urge to move even farther south.  Then I recall how very, very hot it is here in the summer.  One of my girlfriends calls August “The Month of Sweaty”.  So even though I should be happy where we are I’m sure we’ll still complain about it.  Maybe complaining will warm me up.  Or maybe I should just get myself a cup of hot chocolate.
Sounds like a good blog post for tomorrow. 

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