Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Great Pantry Challenge, Phase 3 - Shelf Stable Items

The Veggie Phase of the Great Pantry Challenge went smoothly, and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I had originally thought.  Here’s what we had:

Spaghetti with parmesan & goat cheese sauce w/frozen veggies
Mu Shu veggies w/rice
Barley & Veggie soup with whole wheat bread 
Pizza & garlic breadsticks 
Lentil, cheese & onion enchiladas w/Spanish rice & refried beans
Chili & cornbread 
Mushroom & rice pilaf with steamed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes
Soup w/croutons, loaded baked potatoes & honey baked carrots 
Thai noodles w/veggies in a peanut & garlic sauce (sounds weird, but it was good)
Spaghetti casserole
And there were several other veggie suppers that I didn’t even have a chance to make. 
Now we’re on to something a bit more challenging; using shelf-stable items only.  Of course, this happens when the chickens are starting to lay again (I got six eggs yesterday, yeah!).  But I’ll just give the eggs to my Mom.  Or I could start incubating them.  Hmmmmm.  Another project that I’ll want to start that I’m not quite ready for.
Although we do have fresh eggs (and it seems a waste NOT to use them), I going to use the egg powder we have in storage.  I normally don’t use it much at all and it’s getting time to “use it or lose it”. 
Even though I’m not going to use any foods from the fridge or freezer, it’s not like I’m going to cease using either of the appliances.  Leftovers will go into the fridge & those are what usually make up the next day’s lunch menu (or supper for the next day if I end up making LOTS). 
Sunday night we started Phase 3 of the challenge with cream of mushroom soup w/croutons, Salmon patties, baked potatoes & fresh bread.  And had that last night.  And Paul had it for lunch again today.  Poor guy.  Beats potted meat in a can & ramen noodles though.


  1. Looks like you made some great meals and to think it's all from your pantry... Way to go! I'm curious as to what the baby was eating?

  2. Actually, Rhiannon eats everything we eat, but I had made an exception for her regarding the Pantry Challenge. Even though WE didn't go to the grocery store, my Mom comes over several times a week & she brings Rhiannon a few bananas or oranges. She's almost two now. I was a bit worried about getting enough protein in her during the veggie stage, but the lentils & beans, goat cheese & eggs are some of her favorite foods so I wasn't that concerned. I also put powdered milk in my breads to make it more nutritious for her.