Saturday, January 29, 2011

Godzilla LIVES!

Our bulldozer, which I’ve nicknamed Godzilla, is finally back in service!  Paul has been working on it in his “spare” time since we got it last year and it’s finally up to his minimum working standards (he’s a wee-bit anal when it comes to mechanical stuff).

He had it running for about an hour today and was able to clear another section for pasture.  It’s amazing how much faster & easier it is to clear using the dozer as opposed to using the tractor & the backhoe.  How in the world did they do it in the “old days” with just an axe & saw?  Amazing when you think about it; how much time & back-breaking labor went into carving out a homestead back then.  No wonder they didn’t need Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. 
Our plan is to have a large enough area to plant some good pasture grasses and bring Ms. Melman and Nugget (Paul’s name for the mini) down here this Summer.  As we don’t want the animals running around the entire county, we’re also going to have to fence it in.  I think we’re going to use 5’ t-posts and field fencing with two strands of hot wire; one at mule-nose height and one at goat-nose height.  I’m really hoping that everyone (goats, mini-horse, mule, chickens) will get along together in the same area, although I suppose we’ll still have a separate pen for kidding time or if somebody is sick and needs quarantined. 
There are so many projects I have buzzing around my brain now that Godzilla is back.  Fire break around the property.  Riding trail.  Pond.  More pasture (why did I want a place with all woods?).  Level out the back yard.  Huge garden plot.
I’ve got Paul’s entire spring & summer booked up already.  He just doesn’t know it yet.  He-he.


  1. I would guess it's a good thing Paul doesn't read your blog or he'd hide!!!

  2. He occasionally reads the blog, but since he's taking advantage of the unusually warm weather by dozing & trimming trees, he doesn't have TIME to blog! Bwaa-Hahahahaha! (evil wife laugh)