Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Look what Paul found in a water-filled rut from a dozer track:
And, in my insane attempt to save every single one of them, I collected as many as I could, put them in a few tubs of clean water, and brought them inside.  The water was steadily receding so I had to do something!  I’d been filling the rut with water ever since I noticed the water level lowering as to keep them from becoming dried up, crispy frog offspring.
One of three containers filled with tadpoles.

What the heak am I going to do with all these tadpoles???  We don't have a pond yet.  I’d really like to be able to grow them all out to frogs (or toads) as I love the sound of their peeping (if frogs) and would like to have more toads around the place to eat all those nasty bugs buzzing around at night. 
So, how many million frogs / toads do you think I’ll be able to keep in the house before Paul pitches a total hissy fit?  Well, none.  And as usual, he’s the voice of reason around here, so I’ll be relocating them to a stream just up the road.  But I may just keep a small bucket of them so Rhiannon can watch the miracle of metamorphosis.  Ok, ok, I know….Rhiannon is a bit too young to care for or even be captivated by them for more than ten seconds…it’s all for me. 
Me, me, me!
Hopefully they aren’t some kind of invasive, alien, environment-destroying, goat-eating type of amphibian. 
Paul's Take
Why the heak did I even show them to her?  Next time I'm keeping my mouth shut.

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  1. Ah, Paul, apparently you can' help yourself. I l.u.v. tadpoles, myself. You can't have enough of them! You're right, CR, it is wonderous to watch the process of tadpole to frog.

  2. Hehee! I think you should keep a few around! Cute post and always love Paul's take :)

  3. Paul's take is always my husbands take too lol!

  4. We have an episode of the Walton's on DVD. They attempted to raise tadpoles as a cash crop; didn't work out, but it was cute.

    Good luck!

  5. I get a kick out of you and Paul! You broaden his horizons and he keeps your feet on the ground; and good pair.

    Good luck with the tadpoles.