Thursday, May 19, 2011

We got a Harley!

Paul picked it up last Wednesday but I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about the new acquisition because I wasn't sure how it would fit into the blog.
But, I just couldn’t contain my excitement any longer.   We've been looking for one for over a year.  It’s beautiful!  It’s fun!  And……
He slobbers!
We had (well, me mostly) been searching the papers and pounds for over a year for another dog.  Our “dream” dog would be past the puppy stage, a shepherd or collie mix, have to get along with our 2 year old daughter, numerous cats, an older and smaller dog, goats, chickens and horses.  Admittedly, it was a pretty big order to fill.
While putting in my somewhat-daily ad for goats, goat milk & eggs in the freebie online paper, I happened upon an ad looking for a new home for their German Shepherd.  Rhiannon and I went over to their house and met Harley.  He came right up to me.  He slobbered on Rhiannon once and then came back to lay down by me on the grass.  (Rhiannon ignored the dog after seeing the playset in the yard).   While we were there, one of their very loved (i.e. plump) tortishell cats came sauntering up to us and plopped down right next to Harley.  They also said that although Harley did occasionally chase the larger deer out of the yard that they had a pet fawn they kept in the yard and that Harley was his buddy.
Likes kids?  Check!  Likes cats?  Check!  Likes little goat-looking-animals?  Check!
Harley does have some issues though as the owner readily admitted.  The reason they were giving Harley up for adoption was because the father, who used to train Goldens and Shepherds, no longer had the time and also admitted that Harley didn’t have the right temperament for the type of dog he wanted to train (meaning more timid than he’d like).  And he didn’t have a lick of training, not even on a leash.
Anyways, after Rhiannon & I met Harley, I called Paul and asked him to take a look at him after work.  Later that evening we heard Paul drive up so Rhiannon and I went out to say hello….to him and Harley.  I didn’t actually think he’d be coming home with the dog, so I didn’t even have anything ready for him. 
But he’s here now, and he’s ours.  And boy do I have my work cut out for me.

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  1. You had me going there! He's just lovely. It sounds like he might just be your dream dog. I think German Shepherds are beautiful dogs. However, I don't think there are any dogs (mine included) that I would trust around my chickens. They are just TOO tempting.

  2. Congratulations. I also adopted a shepherd over a year ago and she has been a wonderful addition to our farm. Except, she chases everything. Poor horses and cows get the brunt of it. So your new boy is already ahead of the game. Good luck.

  3. What a beautiful doggie! German Shepherds are one of my favorite breeds. Sounds like you got yourself a great addition to the family! Hope he is adjusting to his new home wonderfully!