Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chick Check, Week Five

Has it already been five weeks since I brought these little yellow puffs of fluff home with me?  Click here to see them at two days old.

This is what the Cornish crosses look like at five weeks:

And I don't call them endearing little names like fluffballs or puffychicks any more.  They are crazy insane eating machines that flap towards me at meal time, peck my shoes and hands when I pour food into their bowls and are crapping constantly.
I finally moved the Cornish to the chicken tractor (dog kennel) yesterday afternoon.  I'm like two weeks behind, but oh well.  It just made more work for me though as I had to clean out the shed more often because of the massive amounts of chicken poop accumulating on the straw bedding.

The Barnyard Mutts seemed much happier once the Cornish vacated the premises.  They've got the entire joint to themselves now.  I cleaned it out, put in new bedding (wasted hay), gave them fresh water & feed and everyone was chirping away happily.  No pecking at me, no flapping in my face.  When the Cornish were in there it was loud (they are big sqwakers) but now it's almost Zen-like with the sound of softly peeping chicks.  Rhiannon and I can now go back to chicken watching without fear of being attacked or pooped on.

Since my clothes were already covered in barn dust and there was a half-inch of chicken poop stuck to the bottom of my shoes, I figured I may as well clean out the other side of the coop where the big gals roost / lay.  It wasn't too bad and I probably could have got away with not cleaning it for another couple of weeks, but I'm glad it's done.  The amount of moulted feathers was amazing; I swear it looks like someone threw a chicken-bomb in there.

I'm thinking I'm going to give myself Sundays off from blogging; goodness knows that there's plenty else I should be doing instead of sitting in front of the computer.  Have to take advantage of this nice weather while it lasts. 

Have a nice weekend & see ya Monday morning!


  1. Nice looking chicks, Carolyn. The chicken tractor looks great. Enjoy your day off from blogging--it will still be here. :)

  2. Sunday off from blogging is not a bad idea......

  3. Sundays off from blogging? How 'bout Sundays off . . . period! Now that sounds good to me!! Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you choose to do.

  4. The Cornish Cross are almost ready! Amazing how they grow.

    You need some of my new shoes. I found the low-top Muck slip-ons at a farm supply store Friday for just $20 and they had my size. I am delighted. Just hose them off.

  5. Amazing how fast those Cornish grow. I've also heard they poop a LOT! Sounds as though you would agree. ;)

  6. I like the chicken tractor!
    See ya' Monday! :)