Friday, October 21, 2011

My first zucchini!

Well, it's not really my first zucchini.  But it is my first zucchini in the FALL!

I planted my first fall garden this year.  Don't ask me why I've never done a fall garden before.  I guess that there's so much to do in the summer with the garden started in early spring, then the summer weeding, watering & picking, that late summer comes and goes and one really doesn't want to think about more garden work.

But since the summer was so brutal this year, our garden was pretty much a complete flop.  Once the temperature started "cooling" off, I figured that I should try to get some sort of food from the garden and planted yellow and green beans, lettuce, spinach, green onions, cucumbers, cabbage, sweet peas and even zucchini.  The spinach and lettuce didn't make it because it was still pretty hot, but we replanted some more a few weeks ago and they have started poking through the ground.

It's kind of weird having a zucchini on the countertop in late October.  The four plants are doing fairly well with lots of flowers and some more tiny little zukes on them, but last night I had cover the plants up because we were under a freeze warning.  I'll have to go out there when it gets light to see how they did overnight; hopefully they made it and will give us some more "summer" squash.


  1. I get so burnt out on zucchini during the summer that I've never tried to plant it for fall. So I've been without any for about 2 months. What did I buy last week at the FM? Squash. (Silly me)

  2. I apologize for not visiting my favorite blogs lately, and i promise to do some catching-up with everyone in the next few days. We are experiencing cooler weather starting today (Thursday) and as for myself I'm looking forward to falls return to the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. And are the color of the leaves changing your your way folks as they are mine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season that has now begun. Richard from Amish Stories

  3. Good for you!!! I love the idea of summer squash in the fall... in my opinion, you can never have too many zucchini.

  4. And what a beautiful zucchini it is! I'm afraid I'm with Tami on zucchini burn-out. But I also would not like a whole year without zucchini either. No satisfying me. BTW, I had no idea you spoke cow! My admiration for your many talents just keeps growing ;o)!

  5. LOL. I immediately went with Tami's train of thought...more zucchini!?!?!?

  6. How fun, summer squash in the fall!! :)

  7. tami, NEED zucchini!! Embrace the squash-ness!

    Richard, we're enjoying the fall weather also!

    Mooberry, ever since making Zucchini Fritters, I CRAVE those zukes.

    Susan, Moo, mo, Mooo-ooo. Ooo. Moo.

    Tina, we've been out of zucchini for a while now so it was much welcomed.

    Candy, well, glad we got some more squash, even if it's not really the season for it. Forgot to plant pumpkins for a more fall-like squash :(

  8. Summer squash was another zero for me this year!
    I did get one small batch from a volunteer yellow crookneck. The zuchini didn't even germinate.

    Let's just pretend this past summer didn't happen...