Monday, October 17, 2011

Eating the Trees - Persimmons

The leaves are starting to fall and the persimmon trees are showing off their bright orange fruits.

Persimmon trees are easiest to identify in the fall when the leaves have fallen off but the fruits are still clinging to the branches.  The fruits don't generally start falling and ripening until there's a frost, but there have been enough falling to make it worth bringing a bag with when I go by a tree.

We only have very small persimmon trees around our property.  The largest persimmon tree I've ever laid eyes upon was growing next to a restaurant just up past the Missouri border.  The trunk was bigger than I could wrap my arms around.  It may not be huge for where you are, but it's the biggest one I've seen. 

There are three or four small persimmon trees in the goat area and four other medium-sized trees around the woods that surround the house.  The neighbors also let us pick from their tree.  Well, you really don't "pick" persimmons from the trees themselves but pick them up from the ground where they fall.  They are quickly eaten by the wildlife though, so I'll take the trunk in my hands and give it a good shake until more come down.  I was brave and ate one that was on the ground as it looked ripe for eating; thankfully it was ripe.  You do not want to eat an unripe persimmon.  Ask me how I know.

We got about five pounds of fruit, not enough to make anyting with just yet, so I'll put them in the fridge until we can get more.  Some of them weren't quite ripe anyhow. 

If we can gather enough I'd like to make preserves.  I made a real nice persimmon bread a few years ago and will again.  It would be nice if I can manage to shell out enough of the hickory nuts to toss in with the batter.  I haven't bought a nut cracker's on my list though.

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  1. Even our persimmon trees didn't have fruit this year!

    I think that pulp would be good in my home-made mincemeat. I will try that next year.

    I have never made preserves. Interesting idea.

  2. I'll stay tuned...wish they grew around here!

  3. I don't think I've ever tasted one. What do they taste like? I don't know if it was just the angle of your camera lens, but that first picture made that tree seem mighty tall!

  4. I haven't ever had one either! Always something new out there!

  5. I love persimmons! Not wild about the unripe ones tho. hehehehe. Hubby tricked me into eating an unripe one. It won't happen again. lol

  6. gld, wow, that stinks. The persimmons were the only thing that gave fruit, and not that much. Some of the fruits are dried & hard though.

    dr momi, not sure where they grow (or don't grow), just know I got 'em here! Would probably have to be in a climate with a freeze though as I think that is what gets them "ripe".

    Susan, they taste like "squishy & sweet Autumn!" The tree was probably 16 or so foot tall.

    Candy, not sure if your area is good for persimmon growing, but if you want me to send you (or anyone else) some of our wild persimmon seeds, just let me know.

    SFG, that's just plain evil.