Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rhiannon's Room, Part 2

Rhiannon's room has been painted for a few weeks now and I'm really liking the wall color and even the white painted trim!  The pictures of course, don't do the almost-lime-green wall color justice, but let's just say it's brighter in person. 

I bought some hot-pink material at the store and made simple curtains and added tie-backs with a few strips of bright green trim, put up a mirror behind the door (at toddler-height) and painted the bottom half of a small wall section with chalkboard paint.

My Mom & I have been having a blast decorating the room.  And she just so happened to be in the "big city" last week and couldn't resist buying more accessories:

Aren't those the CUTEST stinking owls you've ever seen?!
Peel & stick instant artwork!
There are still a few things to do though.  I need to frame out the chalkboard, make some sort of chalk & eraser holder, add a few pictures, make a wall-mounted headboard and maybe even add some white crown moulding.  There's also a little rocking chair that I'd like to repaint in some funky colors.

This has been soooo much fun!  Thanks for the inspiration and help, Grandma!


  1. I love those wall decors. I have 2 dancing chickens on a wall in my house.

  2. It sure is coming together nicely! Those owls are very, very cute!!

  3. How adorable! Enjoy yourself with this decorating because it won't be too far down the road that Rhiannon will be eager to re-do the room with her own ideas. Another phase (but still very good) of your child's life to experience!

  4. Fun!Fun! Fun!

    I love the room and the owls are adorable!!!


  5. Adorable! Great idea placing the mirrors at your daughter's height~and the owls are perfect!!

  6. I need to borrow Grandma's ideas so my little girls' room can be cute-i-fied, too! :) That owl sticker is precious.

    Your daughter must love this!

  7. The room is really cute! Looks like the perfect place for a girl to curl up with a book or to paint your toenails, nicely done! :)

  8. Kristina, now dancing chicken stick-ons is one thing I think I could enjoy as much as the owls!

    Candy, we do a little bit at a time, and those owls are adorable, ain't they?

    Mama Pea, What??? Rhiannon's going to want to do her OWN things? I've just gotten used to this phase, don't scare me with "growing up", let alone the dreaded teenage years!! Auuuggghhhhhh! ;)

    Humble Wife, it has been a LOT of fun! Brings out the "funky" in me! :)

    Kim, I had to think about the mirror placement for a minute, then the "duh" moment struck me and once again realized it wasn't for ME, but for my toddler & had to adjust.

    Tina, Thanks! The Owls rock!

    Mooberry, Grandma did most of the cutie stuff, she's great! I "think" Rhiannon likes it....she hasn't told me yet! (well, maybe she has and I just don't understand her babbling)

    Erin, oh please don't mention nail polish yet! Next thing she'll be talking on the phone! :)

  9. The room looks so bright and cheery. You've done a great job. Love the owls.

  10. Lucky little girl! That room is just wonderful.

    Did she get to pick some colors?