Friday, January 6, 2012

Canned Chicken ('n Dumplings)

After figuring out that canning meats is NOT rocket science, I decided to defrost the store-bought, on-sale chicken breasts and can them:

I partially cooked the venison I canned last month so I did something different and used the raw pack method with the chicken.  I just cut the defrosted breasts into bite-sized pieces, jammed them into hot (warmed up in the oven) pint jars and poured boiling water over them.  Lids, bands, into the pressure canner for 75 minutes at 11 lbs. pressure.  Easy Peasy!

A few days ago I decided that it was time to try out my home-canned chicken.  Because not only did I want to see how it went, but I didn't have anything defrosted for dinner.

I whipped up a batch of dumplings and served them and their accompanying gravy over the warmed up chunks of home-canned chicken:

Now that I look at the picture, that big ol' dumpling & gravy
doesn't look too appetizing.....but is sure did TASTE great!

Not quite an "instant" dinner, but it did save me from having to cook any meat for the meal.

Dumplings & Gravy recipe for Chicken 'n Dumplings:

2 Cups Flour
4 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tsp. Salt

3 Tbsp. Veggie Oil
3/4 - 1 Cup Milk
1 Egg

Mix above together in large bowl until gooey (and they will be gooey!), set aside.

In a large pot, add six cups of water and five chicken bullion cubes and bring to boil, making sure cubes are completely dissolved.  Drop dumplings by the spoonfull into the boiling broth, then turn heat down to medium, cover and let cook for approximately 15 minutes.  Check around 10 minutes to make sure the dumplings haven't sucked up all the gravy and aren't sticking to the bottom. 

Serve dumplings and gravy over chicken (leftover, canned, or just-plucked & cooked).  Or just eat the dumplings & gravy......not that I've ever done that.


  1. It's great knowing you've got that meat canned and ready to go, isn't it? When I tried the first jar of venison (canned it for the first time this season) I forgot I had put canning salt in the meat and I seasoned as normal. It was a tiny bit salty for my taste, so I've got to remember that for next time. I used the venison and jarred 'gravy' and made more gravy and we ate it over mashed potatoes with a big salad on the side. Yummy!

  2. I canned some of my home raised, home butchered stewing's the only way to eat them! They are so much more tender after pressure canning...yum. Glad you had good results too!

  3. Here is a tip for you.. in case you didn't know. After you take the chicken out of the jar rinse it off... Then shred it and use it for anything... Instead of just using the chunks.

  4. I LOVE dumplings! sob. I pressure canned some chicken-noodle and chicken-rice soup this year. It ended up rather thick (a little too much rice), but very tasty and a very healthy, quick meal. I am going to make another batch with the next frozen home-raised chicken that I thaw.

  5. Ooh yum! As soon as I find a canner I can afford....

  6. Awesome! I too am over my fear of canning meats but haven't had the time yet but I have a freezer full of chickens and ham and thus need to get started! Thanks for the motivation, it's going on the next free day on the dry erase board LOL!

  7. Your home canned chicken sure made for a quick and easy dinner! Pass the dumplings and gravy please!

  8. Tina, I don't think I'll salt any of the meats I can. We're trying to cut out some of the salt in our diets anyhow, and if it really needs salt, the shaker is on the table for anyone that wants it.

    Lisa, I've never had to eat one of our older hens...the coyotes/bobcats/hawks get them before they get too old. I don't think we've had a chicken here more than three years. Should probably work on that, hugh?

    Yart, shredded chicken would work great in my enchaladas! Will have to do that next time.

    Susan, I've never canned noodles or rice, I was always afraid they'd just turn into mush in the canning jars.

    Hoosier, it's been a while since I bought my canner so I'm afriad to know what they cost now (or what I paid for mine then).

    Erin, those "open" days on the dry erase board don't stay open very long, do they? :)

    Candy, trust me, those dumplings passed my plate several times!

    dr momi, yup! Open, heat & serve. How wonderful is that?

  9. I love chicken n dumplins, it's one of my favs.
    Though, I've never canned chicken, you certainly do make it sound so easy.

  10. Teresa, it IS easy! Well, assuming you already have a pressure canner. I'm going to continue canning the extra meat we get as it doesn't take up room in the freezer and makes an EZ last minute dinner.

    Kristina, Looks funky, tastes great!