Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wood Working

Each day the circumference of stick-free ground increases around the house.  And by the end of woodburning season, there won't be a stick, branch, twig or other piece of kindling within walking distance. 

There are enough trees on our property to provide kindling and firewood for a long, long time, even after we've cleared adequate pasture for Ms. Melman, Nugget & the goats.

With the clearing of pasture comes the unfortunate destruction of trees.  But it also gives us a lot of potential firewood.  I say potential, because not all of it makes it to the wood pile.  There is just not enough time (and Paul's energy) to take advantage of all that wood.  I know it drives Paul crazy to set a big pile of brush aflame when there is still fuel suitable for heating our home, but we'll never get the pasture cleared if we pick every single log out of the pile.

So up it goes:
One of the many burn piles set aflame this year.
But he's also managed to get a big stack of logs for future wood burning:

So we can all keep toasty warm in the winter:
You smell something cook'n?


  1. That's a serious pile of wood. Should keep you warm for a very long time.

  2. Greetings from Southern California

    I am Your Newest Follower

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  3. Y, I too love the sight of a good burn. SO cleansing, yet nothing makes my hubbie sadder. Always seeing the potential that guy

  4. Your Beagle looks so warm and comfy there.

  5. You better flip that beagle - she's done! Your woodstove looks so nice and cozy - and you sure have a nice amount for future fires.

  6. That is how it is here too. I love how some clean up jobs happen as a result of needing kindling!


  7. LOL, like Susan said it's time to flip the Beagle. That wood will keep you all warm. It's the cutting I don't like.

  8. Looks like ya'll will have a nice toasty winter and one hot dog!

  9. Love your dog!! We have a spoiled wood stove loving beagle, too! :)

  10. WOW! I wish we had all that wood. We didn't realize we had mostly pines when we bought the place. Your pile is enviable!

  11. I love our wood stove, we have the same problem as you do, too many trees and fallen branches to keep up with them all, especially while trying to fence. Love the pup in front of the stove. Ours don't seem to like it there. Too warm perhaps?

  12. LOL!! The last picture looks like my living room - only with 2 large dogs and 3 cats all passed out surrounding the wood stove :-) They all love the "glowy orange thing"!

  13. So. Much. Wood. I am soooo jealous!! Not to mention that heavy equipment in the background. That wood would take forever to haul up our hill in the wheelbarrow. lol I don't mind chainsawing it all up, or even the splitting with an ax, it's the hauling that I hate. ugh. Buns of steel, though. lol

  14. gld, that will keep us in firewood for a while...unless I keep the temps inside the house at 80 degress (which I've been known to do).

    Ron, Welcome to the funny farm! :)

    Donna, I think it's a "guy" thing maybe?

    Tombstone & Susan, that little loaf of a beagle is soooo spoiled!

    Jennifer, that's really the only reason the leaves & sticks get picked up around here...because I need kindling! :)

    Nancy, lucky for me, Paul does most of the cutting. I haul logs & fill the stove. I think I got the better end of the deal.

    Candy, I LOVE it toasty in the does the dog.

    Mooberry, I think it's a beagle thing...roasting in front of the stove.

    Leigh, as much as I appreciate the hardwoods here for burning wood, I'd LOVE to have some pine trees here...the smell, the soft carpet of needles underneath.

    Ruth, guess it's just your dog's internal thermostat...the dog & the cats just roast under there and don't seem to mind.

    B.R.F., All hail to the "Glowy Orange Thing"!!

    Country Wife, yes, it's a LOT of wood and we're thankful that we have it here. I don't have to haul it too far as DH usually tractors it up pretty close to the wood pile. Although honestly, I COULD really use some "buns o steel" workouts.