Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rooster Recovery Room

The rooster that Harley attacked has been in the smaller kidding pen in the barn since I found him the Saturday before last.
It's nice to have an empty stall for "incidents" like these.

Not-so-Plucky Rooster

He has a pretty big patch of missing feathers & torn up skin, but no huge gashes or giant open wounds that I could see.  I guess he could have some internal wounds, but heak if I know how to diagnose that.  I've been feeding him chicken feed soaked in milk and water with electrolytes, but haven't really done anything else for him. 

He's been pretty mopey and doesn't move around much and I've just noticed that he hasn't been crowing.  And I'd even venture to say that he's depressed.  But he's eating, drinking & poop'n so I guess that's a good sign. 

Normally, I wouldn't give much thought into what to do with an injured rooster (lop his head off, pluck 'em & toss him in the stew pot), but this guy is actually a nice rooster.  Which doesn't happen around here often.

I guess I could have given him some antibiotics to ward off any infections, but honestly didn't know what kind to get, how to administer them or even how much to give.  If he doesn't perk up in the next few days, I think I may have to give him some.  Guess I'm going to have to do some online research on chicken antibiotics.  Honestly, I don't have much chicken EMT knowledge.  Most chicken deaths around here happen by predation (hawks, bobcats, coyotes....or Harley), unknown causes (I find them just keeled over in the yard) or I've occasionally had to put a .22 in their skull if they were horribly suffering from some malady.

Anybody out there in the blogosphere have any ideas as to what I can do for the poor guy? 

Besides chopping up some celery, carrots and putting him into a big pot with a bay leaf or two?


  1. I hope someone has some ideas, I'm interested for future knowledge!

  2. No help here, sorry. It sounds like you are doing what you can. We had a hen that our dog mauled pretty badly a few years ago and I put her in the "hospital" pen for about a month until she was doing better. She is still with us, at 6 years old, and doing fine. Maybe just give him some more time. I would imagine it was pretty traumatic for him.

  3. Do you have a gentle hen to put with him? You can give antibiotics half a cc by injection under the wing or in the back of the neck. We have a rooster now that was attacked by another. He was traumatized more than injured but he is in his own pen with a gentle hen. Been about a week but he is finally starting to perk up. Hasn't crowed yet but bet he will in a few more days.

  4. hope your rooster recovers, Carolyn--he is a beauty (albeit not-so-plucky at the moment)

  5. I always keep a bottle of blue kote around you can get it at the feed store, it sprays on the wounded area and seals up any gashes, scrapes etc and has an antiseptic in it...I once had a chicken (still alive to this day) that got severely hen pecked as a chick (at about 3 months) so badly I could see her skull and koted her 1x/day for 3 days and then just left the last coat on (it said to do it daily for a few weeks...but it's a chicken come on...) and she's fine.

  6. Poor, miserable guy. I am not much help - I just keep a tube of super glue handy. That Blue Kote sounds pretty handy.

  7. Once he's recovered, I doubt Harley will take any more kindly to him and he may be terrified of him as well. Do you have a new home lined up for him?

  8. I concur with putting a gentle hen in with him. A young cute one! That will work wonders in perking him up!

  9. Poor little guy! I hope he pulls through, especially since he is one of those who do not chase you out of the chicken yard. I wish I had more chicken knowledge to offer you, but I am just a chicken novice. Good luck and best wishes to Harley! The Golden Girls and I will be rootin for him!