Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a nice Saturday

Paul watched Rhiannon Saturday afternoon so Mom & I could have a lunch out with the gals.  

The day before I had transplanted tomatoes and I started on the green peppers the morning of our lunch get together.  Since it seems that I'm going to be awash in tomatoes and peppers this spring, I figured I could transplant a few and bring each of our lunch buddies a tomato and pepper plant:

I pulled out my stash of Hillbilly Tupperware and made the yogurt cups into convenient tiny planters! I poked a few holes in the bottom of the cups and used the lids (not shown) as trays underneath to catch any seeping water.  They will still have to stay indoors, but I think the cups will be big enough that the plant will have enough room until it's time to plant them outside.

Our lunch outing was wonderful.  The weather was warm enough that we were able to have our lunch alfresco!  Good food (notice I didn't say "healthy" as I had fried chicken livers), good company and of course, lots of laughs!  Oh, and my Stepfather even stopped by as we were leaving and picked up the tab for Mom and I along with an order of chicken livers for himself!  

So since I figured I "saved" six or seven bucks on lunch (thanks Wally!), I made my way to the little local library just a block away that just so happened to be having their semi-annual book sale:

Where I spent five of my "saved" seven dollars.  Technically, the books only came to three dollars, but I'm a sucker for libraries and gave them five.  And even at five dollars, I still felt I got a great deal.  I got a few school books, some fun books for Rhiannon and two little animal story books for me
and you......can you say "Giveaway"?


  1. Love the Hillbilly Tupperware - can't wait to use it on someone I know for whom it truly fits. I'm curious about that table under the books. The wood grain is very interesting.

  2. Hillbilly Tupperware is perfect for transplanting tomatoes and peppers! :) Sounds like ya'll had a fun time!

  3. I just now started my tomatoes and peppers. Looks like you'll be planting earlier than I will. And don't tease a girl with the chicken livers...

  4. Hillbilly Tupperware...too funny. still chuckling over that. I just transplanted my tomatoes into plastic cups. I'm still humming "Red Solo Cup". Great deal on your books. I do the same thing with libraries. I use them so darn much for free, I have no problem dropping a few buck there from time to time. Sounds like you had a great day.

  5. I love library sales! Good for you for giving them a little extra. They deserve it. I know mine has saved me zillions of dollars. :)

  6. Wahoo for books AND hillbilly tupperware! Actually we call it redneck tupperware up here...but serves the same purpose! :)

  7. Gosh, I've been using Hillbilly Tupperware for years and never knew it!

  8. Love the Hillbilly Tupperware, I'm sure it's identical to our "Redneck Rubbermaid" LOL!

  9. Charade, I have no idea what kind of wood the table is made of, although I know it's some sort of veneer that they made into a pattern. I traded that table for a bottle of wine several years ago!

    Candy, it was nice to have a ladies lunch WITH my Mom! She is usually the one who watches Rhiannon when I go "out", but Paul was off so Mom got to come along.

    tami, I LOVE chicken livers! My Mom wanted to gag when I said I wanted to order them, but darnit, too bad 'cause they were good!

    Rea, ok, what's with the "Red Solo Cup" thing? Is there a song about it?

    Leigh, we love our local libraries and go to the book sales and donate whenever we can!

    Mama Tea, are there even Tupperware parties anymore? I don't think I could go to one in good conscience knowing all the free hillbilly ones we can acquire without much effort.

    Rose, welcome to the club! :)

    Erin, Is Hillbilly Tupperware and Redneck Rubbermaid the same? Or are they some sort of competing companies? :)

  10. Thank you for supporting your library! I'm an elementary librarian and have had a $0.00 budget for 4 years...

  11. I have hillbilly tupperware too! Thats a good idea!