Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My little bone collector

I'm a collector.  Or as my Mom would say, a "Pack rat".  And although I'd have to agree with her on some occasions, like with the Hillbilly Tupperware (hey, I USED those yogurt cups!!), I don't think collecting really counts as hoarding or pack-ratting. 

I collect stuff with cats on it.  Old books.  Boxes.  Baskets.  Dragons and other mythical creatures.  And bones.  Lot of useless stuff, but what fun would it be if I were to collect something normal?  You know, like animal salt & pepper shakers or those little spoons with the name of a state or tourist attraction stamped on them?  (Sorry Grandma V, I know you got Rhiannon two of them.....but I can't stand them!  Hopefully she'll find them more interesting than I do.)

We've been taking walks through the woods lately because of the nice weather (up until yesterday, that is) and since the ticks and chiggers aren't out in full force yet.  Once summer hits, we'll be confined to the mowed or recently dozed paths in order to attempt avoiding the blood-sucking and itchy little buggers.  Maybe all the rain washed them all down to the river; wouldn't that be nice.

Rhiannon's current fascination is dinosaurs.  Every and anything she sees is transformed into somethin
g dinosauresque.  Cadbury chocolate mini-egg?  Nope, it's a dinosaur egg.  Want to read a book?  Only if it contains a dinosaur.  Do you want to watch your Leap Frog DVD?  Nope, she wants to watch Discovery "Walking with Dinosaurs".  How about taking a bath with your dolphin and turtle squirty toys?  Only if they can play along with the stegosaurus and triceratops.  

(Collections.  Walks in the woods.  Parasites.  Now dinosaurs.  Yeah, I'm getting around to it, don't get your panties in a bunch)

So what does a little girl do when she finds the long-decayed remains of a deer on the forest floor?  She excitedly yells that she has in fact, found.............

Ma'ma, I'm not sure if this is from the Triassic or Jurassic Period.
Maybe we should have a carbon dating analysis done just to be sure.
Dinosaur Bones!!

And she has found bones on two different occasions in just the past week:

Rhiannon's first collection of bones!
Do you think she's inherited the bone collecting bug from her Mom'ma?  I sure hope so!


  1. Learning 24-7! I love this post! And to bring them back opens up for a great deal of discussion about bones, where they come from, what bone they are, and perhaps even how bones become fossils verses the majority of bones that just decay and end up back in the circle.

    Fun post!!

  2. What a cool collection. Rhiannon's on the right path - literally and figuratively!

  3. Very cool! I am surprised we don't have any bone collections yet. But now that we live on acreage with lots of woods- I wouldn't be surprised if one started!

  4. How fun, Carolyn. Imagine what kind of creature you could come up with if you assembled your varied bone collection... :o)

    Happy Spring to you!

  5. Lawdy, lawdy, just think of the globe trotting the two of you could do in search of ancient bones in fascinating places! Seriously, I think it's great the interest she has at this young age. Methinks you have a budding scientist or researcher on your hands there!

  6. Wow, Rhiannon sure has a nice collection of dinosaur bones started! She is so intent on that skull, love it! :)

  7. You've got a budding scientist there!!!

  8. Collector, yeah. I like that. That said, that's quite a collection of bones!

  9. Humble Wife, that's what I'm going to love about homeschooling her...learning IS all day, every day, even if we don't realize it!

    Charade, I do love it how she wants to know names of this or that or what those things are as we take our walks.

    Sadie, collections of anything out in the woods is neat! Well, except for scat collections....eww.

    Mooberry, I've always wanted to put together a bunch of different bones together to make a new animal!! Sounds like a fun future homeschooling project!

    Mama Pea, we don't need to go globetrotting, we've got the Evil Forest in our back yard!! :)

    Candy, she LOVES her "dinosaur" bones!

    Nancypo, I sure hope so!

    Leigh, thanks! Better than collecting ticks!

  10. How cool!! She will remember that find always!

    1. I do hope that there are things like this that she can remember when she's older. I know how much I cherish those kind of memories from my childhood.

  11. Yup. When the "chicken-tiggers" (that's what our girls called them when little) are out we too, stay out of the woods. It is a bummer because as a kid I grew up in the woods. Now I can't stand the itching!