Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We now return....

to your regularly scheduled blog.

I'd like to say that I've been absent from the blogosphere because I've been so busy starting seeds, watering fruit trees, planting berry bushes and spending time with all the critters.  But unfortunately all those things were put on sudden hold for several days.

Over the weekend we ended up taking Rhiannon into the ER for what I suspected was the beginning of pneumonia.  Sure enough, it was, and it came on quickly.  Saturday morning we had her into the clinic because of a night-time cough; they said she had a mild ear infection, gave us antibiotics and we were sent on our way.  During the day Saturday, she progressively got worse and by 5 am Sunday morning we were in the car taking her into the ER because her breathing was so labored.

Everything turned out well as she is currently jumping around the room with her dinosaur toys (yeah, YOU try telling a three-year old that she's supposed to stay "calm and quite" for the next week) and I am finally getting back to as-close-to-normal as possible.  That is, until we get the hospital and doctor bills.  If I go "missing" again for about a week or so in the near future, you'll know why.

Although I'm not going to go into gory detail about the trials, tribulations and hair-pulling involved while dealing with health insurance companies, I did want to just remind those of you that chose to deal with the insurance devils that it's a good idea to check, double, triple and quadruple check your policies.  Make sure that you have all your current information handy and that you truly understand what is covered, as well as your deductible.  Although I may be a bit biased against them (after dealing with them during Rhiannon's NICU stay at birth), I swear that they will do anything possible to deceive, smooth-over, cajole or otherwise numb you to certain important details of your policy.  

So please, next time you get some free time from the homestead (ha!), take a half hour to dig out your policy and make sure you are comfortable with your coverage, what it is costing, and what it WILL cost you before they start paying out.

I'm done with my rant and motherly-nagging now.  But really.  Go pull your insurance policy.  Or I'm going to come haunt your blog comment form until you do!


Farmish stuff next, I promise!


  1. That is so true! And, of course, you find out all the things that are lacking, coverage-wise, after you've been in the throes of an emergency. I really dislike insurance companies, doctors and the medical industry in general. They have us held hostage. Rant finished. I'm glad Rhiannon is feeling better.

  2. Insurance companies have us by the horns of the bull if you know what I mean!

  3. Me again, I wanted to also say I'm happy to hear Rhiannon is feel better.

  4. Glad to hear Rhiannon is recovering well! That must've been scary!

    I have an HSA that covers SM and I so I have a yearly 3K deductable that has to be met BEFORE insurance pays 100%. (I do get the negotiated insurance rates at least.) Last year I had some ER bills to pay over and above the 3K deductable.

    When I asked the insurance company to tell me how much I'd paid out during the "whole" of last year, they couldn't tell me! Instead they offered to MAIL ME every single claim that was submitted and I could do the math myself. They mailed me 40+ envelopes at a cost to them of $20 in postage + paper!

    I haven't sat down & tallied the numbers up yet. I wonder if I overpaid? Any bets on that, Kids?

  5. Health insurance is a pain for sure. Our problem is I'm finding out I'm over charged by dentists, then when I read over my statement from the insurance company, I have to call and request my refund.

  6. Poor Little Rhiannon! Good to know she made it through is is back to her wonderful playful 3 yr old self. Dealing with sickness AND insurance companies sucks! Unfortunately they always go hand in hand. When I leave my job, which I can't wait for and and counting the days, I am most scared about losing my insurance, even though I hate them. Oy vay!

    Hugs to Rhiannon!

  7. First, I'm glad Rhiannon is feeling better, poor little thing! Please don't get me started on insurance companies and ER visit charges! Grrrr!!

  8. Ditto what Susan said . . . except perhaps using more vitriolic language.

    So glad to hear your little one is back to her bouncy self. (Don'tcha wonder how parents live through it all?)

  9. Glad that Rhiannon is feeling better. My youngest was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs Monday morning, so you have my heart felt sympathy.

  10. Glad you're back. Very good advice-I hate to even think about all the ways our insurance company has messed with us through the years. Give that sweet little girl a hug from me!

  11. I'm glad to hear Rhiannon is at home and recovering nicely! There is not much worse than watching our children be ill and not be able to make it better :( Sorry to hear about the insurance woes, military health insurance is a huge reason we serve in the military but Obama has ideas now about taking that away too, so I always have to be thinking ahead in case that happens. Without the insurance or retirement, who on earth will even join the military?? Grrr.....