Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Help is on the way

If you didn't hear my pathetic cries for help last week, feel free to read them here so I may continue my pitiful electronic tale of woe via the infinite time/space/blog warp.

But I do have some good news.  I've started a little blog for those of us who need a place to whine, complain, cry, scream or just admit to someone out there that we've just finished an entire XL sized Hershey Symphony chocolate bar and the metal button on our jeans have made a permanent impression on our midsection.

This is going to be an "Invite Only" blog though.  Not that I'd purposely keep someone out that needs a helping hand.   But it's my blog and I can do whatever I want.  So there.

And it's just not for us Muffintops.  If you've been there / done that and can lend us some encouragement or exercising / dieting tips, feel fee to come along for the ride.  Unless you're really skinny and can eat an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies and not gain any weight all while saying "I'm soooo fat".  Then I'll let you join, but we'll just make faces at you when you're not looking.

If you are really nuts still think this is a good idea, please email me at carolynrenee at centurytel dot net.  You will then be subjected to a background check and employment verification as well as having to submit your high school SAT scores and provide a note from your mom that you do indeed floss.


  1. You're too funny, and love the photo!

  2. Love it! I may drop you a line. I'm desperately trying to get back in shape since Justine challenged me to do the zombie race next summer. A 5k obstacle course infested with zombies will totally kick my butt if I don't lose some serious poundage.

  3. Well, good luck with the new support group and the weight loss goal. I am still stuck on the original 5 lbs lost.....Thanksgiving didn't help.

  4. I couldn't email you. It wouldn't let me. Kept coming back. So, I'll leave my email here if you would please put me on your list. sherrilyns at windstream dot net. Thanks!!!!!

  5. Is there a minimum flossing-per-day requirement? I am just getting caught up on blog reading. I'm trying to decide whether I want to go public regarding my muffin top.

    1. Oh come on, you know you want to see OUR muffintops!