Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Need some help, please

Ok, I'll admit that the holidays are no time to start a diet.  But I'm desperate.  Things like this have been happening to me lately:

I can't tie my shoes with my jeans on without stopping to gasp for air.
My "fat" jeans are now my "Did somebody put these things in the dryer for an hour or what???" jeans.
The drawers full of fuzzy, fluffy winter sweaters are starting to look like spandex on me.
I wish I had a muffin top.  I've got something akin to a meatloaf top now.
My tightwad self refused to buy clothes in a larger size.  So if I don't trim up some of this excess largeness, I will be wearing Paul's clothes or draping bed linens across my body like a toga.

I'm too cheap to join Weight Watchers.  And I doubt they even have a group out here anyhow.  Even if they did, I don't know if I'd be able to get into town often enough.

I don't want to do Atkins or South Beach or anything that entails me not eating "normal" food.  Although I have to admit that Atkins sounds very tempting as I could probably eat nothing but bacon and peanut butter the entire time.

I know what I have to do.  I have to eat less and exercise more.  It's a no-brainer.  But I honestly think I need somebody here with me 24/7 carrying a baseball bat so they can whack me upside the head every time I eat a cookie or slather on half a stick of butter on my toast.
But since Paul probably wouldn't approve of someone walking around our home with a blunt weapon just to make sure I comply with my self-imposed food reduction scheme, I'm going to have to think of something else.

I need some help from someone else who may want to drop a few pounds or get in better shape over the holidays (and beyond).  I can't wait until after the New Year.  I need to start now.  I need someone who I can be accountable to for my weight, my exercising and my baked-goods addiction.  Sorry Christine, you don't count.  I know I could email you a food journal and all that jazz, but honestly, you're just as pathetic as I am when it comes to sweets so we'll just end up eating fun sized snickers together and complaining about it.

So, would anyone like to help / join me?  Pretty please?  With chocolate on top?  (Yes, I'm that pathetic).  I promise I won't blog about our trials and tribulations!!  Just you, me (and maybe you & you & you) and the Feds who read my emails thinking I'm a terrorist.


  1. A brief (temporary) resolution to the waist being tight on the jeans wash the jeans, stretch the waist a little by pulling on it, and let them hang to dry. Don't put them in the dryer. HA, it works for me.

    I'm so tired of trying to lose weight, now I stop looking for ways to lose, and just eat a hell of a lot more vegetables and walk alot. I'll eat no more than 3 - 4 ounces of meat and fill the plate with vegetables. I've also change my meal plates to the smaller plates. My doctor told me, stop thinking diet, and just make a life style change. Part of my problem is I'm going through menopause and it's very hard to lose. I had the same problem going through perimenopause.

    I'll be your cheering squad if you'd like.

  2. Are you sure you don't want to blog about it? You could have a weekly post on avg calories per day, exercise, etc. Then others can comment with their numbers and maybe share inspiring posts. It might be good for all of us.

  3. I started on fatsecrets.com early this year, it's a free website. No "plans". You can join for free, plug in your food and portions and it calculates it all for you. A dietician thru my free employee assistance program taught me about it. I'm 5'7" and she started me on 1600 cals a day. You could play with that. Drink lots of water, I ate more protein which helped. I ate whatever I wanted, but it really taught me about portion control. Hang in there and try to walk, whatever, to get moving...

  4. I would love to be your weight loss buddy! I need to lose a gazillion pounds myself. Thats right, I said a gazillion.

  5. While it's probably the worst time to start thinking about losing weight, it's also the best time. Totally perverse. I have been working slowly, but surely at paring down my over-adequate self. So far - almost 10 lbs! Being gluten free helped. But I like you too much to insist you quit eating bread...that said, like Nancy, it was portion control. And limiting snacks. I was like Pavlov's dog in the office - as soon as I arrived I had to eat. Now I drink water and portion out healthy snacks. I have 15 lbs to go, so I'd be happy to help you whip yourself into shape from afar...

  6. Carolyn Renee, I will be your buddy. I need to shed a few pounds too, and being out of work for two months, I am trying not to just sit and snack all the time. Blog about it if you want, it may help you be more motivated. I am going back to my diabetic game plan, smaller meals 5 times a day and watch the carbs. Also plan to start walking today. Tell me what I can do to help you.

  7. After my recent visit to the doctor and her preaching Weight Watchers to me, I decided I could do it myself....4 lbs lighter already.

    I am cutting out sweets, cutting back portions...I haven't been exercising because: no 1: I hate it and no 2. The men are here finishing up the barn where the equipment is. I should make myself just walk in the road. It's just 30 minutes for goodness sake....

    I don't count calories, weigh portions, just don't each as much and cut out sweets. I love to bake, so it is hard....

    I will support you in any way I can. BTW, my daughter who is nearer your age has lost about 15 pounds by just eating exactly that way!

  8. Your post could have been written by ME!! I am so disgusted with myself and this extra weight I have put on this year. Grrrr...
    I lost 70 pounds (yep, 7-0) back in 2000 and have kept it off until this past year and now I have put back on almost 20! I'm with gld, I HATE to exercise but I do walk with hubby 3 days a week for about 45 minutes. I know my problem is portion size.
    Please count me in on the buddy system, I think I really, really need some motivation!!

  9. I am in the same boat with you. I have gone up 2 sizes in one year! sigh, total shame.

  10. Well fellow lovers of baked goods & haters of treadmills......if you would like to join me, please email me at carolynrenee at centurytel dot net. Not sure how it's going to go, but maybe if we all get together and yap about it we can figure something out that will work for all of us.

  11. Me me me! I will totally do this with you!

    I recently googled "weight watchers for free" and found lots of good information about it. All it basically does is give you a way to keep track of what you eat and be accountable. The only thing you would be missing is a group to complain with.... Which is great for all of us cheap skates!

  12. One thing about WW my hubby and I learned is that it tends to be pretty high sodium and they don't stress eating more "clean" foods. A lot of folks there live off diet soda, etc. Not really that healthy in the long run...

  13. I'll go get the bat and be there soon...