Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cookies of Doom!!

As many of you may already know, tomorrow is supposed to be the End of The World (dun, dun, dun, DUNNNNNN!!!!)

Well, that's what some people claim the Mayan calender says.  Others think that it's just a time of spiritual transformation for humans or some sort of change in the Earth (mass extinctions, plague of locusts, Democrats believing in personal responsibility).

Me?  I just think it's the Winter Solstice.  But who am I to pass up an opportunity to bake some cookies?  Cookies?  Apocalypse?  Hugh?  How does all this add up (as if any of my posts actually make much sense).

Lamb over at Frippery Farm had a grand idea.  Basically, that we should all give TEOTWAWKI a big middle finger salute and bake come cookies!!  Click HERE to see her post.

So tomorrow, instead of cowering in my bunker and sitting on pallets of MRE's, I'll be celebrating The End (or the beginning??  think about that for a while) by making some cookies.

Come & join us, won't you?


  1. I'm cleaning house today and doing my holiday baking tomorrow!!!! So I have two days at home before three days of Christmas parties, and I am lovin' being home!!!

  2. "Democrats believing in personal responsibility" ROTFLMAO!!
    I think baking cookies sounds like a perfectly lovely way to celebrate The End of the Mayan Calendar AND the Winter Solstice! Perhaps I'll make some Yule Goat cookies! :)

  3. Oh yes, cookie baking is definitely on my list of things to do tomorrow. I'm baking chocolate crinkle cookies. Made the dough today, bake tomorrow.

  4. Hecks yeah! I am baing chocolate peanut butter chip and gingerbread with "my kids" tomorrow. It's gonna be awesome!

  5. Wait - You have a bunker and pallets of MREs?! I do have some delectible Christmas cookies I can throw in, I guess I didn't plan this end of the world thing out very good.

  6. I'm going to a solstice celebration tomorrow night and munch lots of desserts!!! If I wake up Sat. I'll go for a long walk and burn off some calories :)

  7. Kelly, Enjoy your time off & all those cookies!!

    Candy, was it YOU that had the goat cookie cutter?

    Leigh, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies? Hopefully you'll share the recipe for the CCC's? Please?

    Tiny Gardener, have fun with the kids! But save the spoon for yourself (they're old enough that they don't get to lick the spoon anymore!!).

    The Family, Well, in my dreams we have a bunker. Although I'd love to have a root cellar. Bunker/root cellar, same thing! Although one makes you a domestic terrorist, the other just makes you a wacky gardener. Not so sure I'd have actual MRE's...unless you consider plastic-wrapped cheese & crackers a Meal!

    Nancy, Enjoy yourself and have a great celebration. Welcome the light!

    1. Hey, cheese'n'crackers counts as a meal in my book! Makes a mighty fine MRE.

  8. Cookie baking makes everything better. Everything.

    That is all. :)

  9. I'm coming to everyones home and eating all your cookies up!!!!
    That is how I'm spending the end of the world :-)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year My Friend.