Monday, February 16, 2015

Fifty Shades of Sleet

Everybody on Facebook is talking about this fifty shades movie and I'm outside trying to keep myself from slipping on the stinking snow covered sheet of ice and getting fifty shades of black and blue.

It started sleeting around 8:30 last night and was on again / off again for hours.  Then came the snow, all three inches of it.  Oh, I know, the horror!  MamaPea, Susan and my other Northern Tundra blogging buddies are probably rolling their eyes and playing the world's tiniest violin for me.

The normal pre-storm preparations were made earlier yesterday afternoon; vacuuming, dishes, laundry, showers, extra hay & bedding for the animals, etc.  Basically anything that would require the use of water or electricity needed to be done before the sleet pounded us.  We haven't been hit recently with any extended periods of power outages, but the ice storm in 2009 is still fresh in our minds.  Thirteen days without power = No Fun.

I'm assuming we'll be stuck in this Ice Encrusted Hell Winter Wonderland until at least Saturday when it finally creeps up past the freezing mark during the day.  Momma doesn't do snow & cold, but at least Rhiannon is happy, albeit a bit chilled when she comes inside:

But it seems that we're in the clear for now as the electricity, and internet (yay for cat videos!), is still on.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's because A) the power did go off, B) I'm busy continuing to fight Evil or C) The goats have orchestrated an elaborate kidnapping, have me tied up in the basement and they are sitting around the wood stove and chewing on my curtains.

Hopefully you've prepared for the storm(s) and are snug in your home and all the critters are faring well.  We're stuck with it for a while, so may as well grab a hot cocoa and schooch a little closer to the fire.


  1. I think I'd take our snow storms over your ICE storms any day! We moved from northern Illinois to avoid the winter ice, ice, ice! Kinda nice that you do have the snow now and then so Rhiannon can experience it. The terribly frigid week we were warned of doesn't seem to be happening. Oh, it's cool all right . . . not getting much above zero but that's oh-so-much better than the hellish temps with winds they were forecasting.

    P.S. Just don't fall on the ice in the goat pen. No telling what Pickles might do to you.

  2. Same thing here. My big concern is will the ice melt before the deep deep freeze comes in on Wed-Fri. If not, I too am homebound. I'll be fine but SM will go stir-crazy with an enforced stay.

  3. No ice here, please! I am cutting you some slack because you are a delicate southern flower who is not used to the frigid temps. :) Hope your ice melts gradually but soon.

  4. Glad you didn't loose power. We remember that bad storm too....had in-laws bunking in the entire time........because we had a wood stove.

  5. MamaPea, I have no doubt that Pickles would revel in my downfall, bleating her victory in all her goat-screaming glory.

    Tami, I can't say that I mind being homebound but then again, I might get stir crazy from not being able to go outside without freezing my eyeballs.

    Susan, delicate southern "flower", eh? More like weed. But heck, I'll take anything "Spring" like now. Sick of this cold.

    gld, yeah, the wood stove saved our butt that time. Best investment ever!