Saturday, February 14, 2015

Menopausal Mother Nature

This morning I went to let the chickens out and I did so in my PJ's.   No coat, not hat, no gloves.

Later in the morning I shoved all humans outside to do outsid'ey things. Rhiannon ran around and chased roosters, Paul did something noisy beyond my line of sight, and I continued cleaning out the wasted hay from the goat's feeding area.  After just a few minutes of pitching compost material, I had to shed my undershirt so I didn't overheat.

Lily, one of our pregnant Boer gals, still has her winter coat and it looked like she may have been panting.  Rhiannon came up to me to shed one of her shirts and claimed that she was "Soooo very, very hot.", which although was probably partially true, was also the precursor to "Can I have a smoothie to cool me down?"

So we took a break and headed into the house to prepare the frozen fruit treat.  On the way inside, I spied the thermometer and it read 72 degrees.  Wow.  I could get used to this kind of winter.

After Rhiannon had her blueberry and banana fruit smoothie in hand, she went on the porch and sat on the pile of wood Paul had just deposited there minutes earlier.

Wood that we're going to use starting this evening because it's going to get down to 16 degrees tonight with a high of only 25 tomorrow.  I though I was the one with the night chills and hot flashes, but apparently Mother Nature is going through some hormone imbalances of her own.


  1. stay warm this evening.....i rebedded yesterday for chickies and goats. so glad i was windy and freezing. tmrw we are supposed to have snow...not sure how much..

  2. Perfect analogy! And Mama N can be a real Bee-aatch when she's cranky. (Just like somebody else I know @;)

  3. Lookout! some serious cold and snow is headed our way (at least where I'm located;not sure about your southerners).

  4. From a high of 72 one day to only 25 the next? Now, that just ain't right! Sounds very Mother Nature-ish menopausal to me.

    Awfully cute little munchkin you've got there.

  5. What an adorable photo of Rhiannon. We are in a deep freeze here. No warm up expected yet.

  6. We've had unusually warm weather here too! Hubby mowed yesterday to pick up a lot of dead leaves! W don't usually mow til April/May...

  7. I would settle for 32. There is so much that needs doing out there, but it's frozen solid and I'd need sharp tools to get things done. Perfect reason to stay inside and eat rice pudding...

  8. Carolyn,

    These mother nature hot flashes just suck!!!!
    Granted, I though human hot flashes were bad enough.