Monday, February 9, 2015

Lucky Ducks, er, Chickens

After the last midnight chicken massacre, I've been making sure that we close up the chicken door at night.  I put the live trap out a few times, but only managed to catch the new outside cat.

Tonight Paul didn't get out to the coop until just before 8 pm.  He came back inside with a quicker than normal gait and a winded exclamation, "There's a 'possum in the chicken house."  He grabbed the .22 and I threw my book across the bed, rolled out and pulled my boots on.  Before I could make it to the coop I heard the familiar "pop" and correctly assumed that the chicken-eating marsupial's life had been snuffed out.
Sorry, no free meals here buddy.
As the poultry pilfering 'possum writhed on the ground for the remainder of the time it took the brain stem to stop receiving communications from the splattered brain, I opened the doors to the coop to assess the other damage.  Handful of feathers on the ground, freaked out chickens on the perches, squawking chickens in the corner, but not a single chicken casualty.

The chickens dodged a bullet.

The opossum, not so much.


  1. Glad you got him before he did any damage! We still haven't figured out what left his little calling card in the chicken house here. We do lock them up every night.

  2. Another one bites the dust!
    We've got a neighborhood bobcat so our free rangers are back in chicken jail. I'm hoping he makes his stay short.

  3. Poor little critters are just doing what comes naturally . . . looking for food. But when they start taking OUR food, it's a decision that has to be made. That or sell out and go live in a condo. Not for us . . . or you either, I know.

  4. Lucky chickens, for sure. I am always worried that something will toddle into the coop before I close them up. Last night it was Pepper....who made a very fast U-turn and toddled right out.

  5. I hate 'possums! They kill the chicken and eat nothing but the head. Grrrr.

  6. Carolyn,

    Sweet dreams Mr. Possum!!!!

  7. Last year we killed 3 possums and 2 black snakes. This year we see signs of a skunk. I hope Hubby is the one that finds that one. lol