Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get OFF the Gravy Train & Plant a Garden

I'm sure you've heard of the phrase, “….a death of a thousand cuts”?  Although the government is draining us of our wealth by those numerous nicks in the form of taxes, fees, permits, etc., we can do the same to it because it works both ways.
But it takes work.  Don’t feed the beast!  And, just as important, don’t take bribes from the beast!  Don’t share in its spoils because those spoils come at a cost. 
I’ve heard the excuses, my favorite being:  “But I’ve already paid into the system, I’m just getting my money back!”  Ok, sure, you’ve had your paycheck pilfered and now you feel that you deserve some of that booty.  But guess what?  That money is long gone.  So you think because you were stolen from it makes it ok to continue stealing from somebody else so you can get some of it back?
The cycle has got to stop.  And it will take selflessness….something that is severely lacking in society today.  In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons our country is in such shambles; everyone thinks that they are still owed something. 
It’s easier on the conscience if you think it’s the “Feds” that you are stealing from when you dip your ladle into the community welfare pot.  But you are stealing from your neighbors, your friends, your community…..your children.
Stop complaining about how you got screwed and instead try to prevent others from being victimized.  And let those leaches that do take advantage of the system know that you don’t approve of their theft.
So, how do we inflict those paper cuts?  What does the beast feed on?  Taxes.  So don’t pay taxes when you don’t have to.  There are hundreds of different ways to avoid taxes and which are perfectly legal (for now, at least).  Shop second-hand stores, thrift stores and garage sales where sales tax isn’t charged. 
Networking is a great way to trade items with friends and neighbors.  Make a party out of it!  Plan a date and place where all the members of your little group will bring in a particular “type” of item, say clothing, building materials, kitchen gadgets, veggies, etc. and have your own little market day.
Grow a frekking garden!  Yes, I know you hear everyone talking about this now.  But there’s a good reason for it……you need to EAT!  And why spend money at the grocery store (and pay taxes!) when you can supplement some of your grocery shopping at your home.  Being able to grow some of you own food is better than money in the bank!  Can’t eat a dollar or a silver coin.  Container gardens are small enough for apartment dwellers.  You don’t need 40 acres and a mule to garden!  Go over to Girl Gone Gardening and see all the neat things Nickie does on her little plot of heaven!
Reduce, reuse, recycle & repurpose!  Stop buying plastic zippy bags (and paying sales tax on them) and tossing them after you finished your sandwich - wash them!  Or better yet, buy a reusable sandwich container.  Use the aluminum foil you wrapped your baked potato in for another potato next time or if it’s beyond using, give it a quick wipe & put in in the recycling bin.  Wash that jelly jar out & store herbs or seeds in there.  Use cloth napkins & cloth towels for spills instead of paper products.
So, once again, what does all this have to do with gold?  Well, it has to do with money, or at least trying to save it.  Every little thing you do to become more self-sufficient makes you less dependent on the increasingly-manipulated-dollar.
Spend that “money” on tangibles.  Food, land, equipment, fencing, tools, getting out of debt.  You don’t have to be a farmer and have a herd of milk goats, flock of laying hens and pasture filled with walking hamburger in order to keep your monetary situation in check.  If inflation causes peanut butter to rise to $10 a jar, wouldn’t you be glad if you had your pantry stocked with a year’s worth of it at the $2.50 price tag?  You don’t need to live in the country to make your own bread.  You don’t need to be a gourmet cook to prepare meals other than Velveta Mac & Cheese.  You don’t need Jackie Clay’s pantry space in order to stock up on some rice or canned veggies.
Don’t think you have time?  Then schedule it in just like you would any other thing in your day.  Turn off Dancing with The Stars and bake a loaf of bread (or at least do it while watching the tv).
Save money on your gym membership and work out in the yard, planting fruit trees or working in the raised beds. 
Time to get back to the basics people.  Live more frugally, more simply and learn to enjoy the simple things…… while you still have a choice about it.


  1. It is amazing what one can grow in a small spot. You just have to wing it a little...i don't space my rows as far as suggested. Instead I grow them only as far apart as the plants are supposed to be in the row. That saves space right there!

    an easy way to 'prep' extra food without breaking the bank..take and extra 5 or 10 bucks with out when you go shopping and buy 5-10 worth of noodles, cans, etc. whatever you are going to eat anyway. If you go grocery shopping weekly, that adds up to a lot of prepped food.

  2. Right on...We try to only buy what we need, and stock up on things that will last when they are on sale. It works for us. We also take advantage of pre-tax deductions such as a 401-k and a flexible spending account for medical spending...that way it reduces our taxable income.

  3. *huge round of applause*

    Excellent post! Very well said. The hardest part is being willing to change one's lifestyle. That takes effort, but all your reasons are the motivations as to why it's so important.

    Our biggy (besides trying to be food self-sufficient), is trying to get our mortgage paid off. The amount of interest over 30 years is horrendous. Hmm, I started a blog post about that, maybe I need to finish and publish it, LOL>