Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goat Logistics, Part 1

Since the grass has started greening up (and probably could use a mowing), I moved Ishtar and Chop Suey to the back yard for some munching time. 

The rest of the goats and their kids are still in the goat yard.  Well, at least the moms are in the goat yard.
Nettie’s three doelings have taken it upon themselves to start roaming around the property.  My blueberry bushes are going to be sticks if we don’t get the garden fence up soon.  At least they occasionally find other greenery to chew on (like the daylilies, the iris, the forsythia, the tulips……).  They have also been eating grain every morning and although I haven’t actually seen them chewing cud yet, they must be as they consume quite a bit of hay and fresh greens now.
Annette’s buckling kids are six days old today and I think it’s past time to have them disbudded.  Can’t wait to tell Paul that he’s going to have to help me with that today. 


  1. I can band a buck or ram lamb to make him a "it", band those cute lil' lamb tails, and put a scrappie tag in the ears, but I don't think I could de-horn. Probably why I don't have goats, and only polled breed sheep. LOL

  2. If I could buy a breeding pair of naturally polled Saanen goats, I would in a nano-second.

    Every time we get ready to do the deed, my stomach gets all queasy, but after we're done I feel better knowing they will have a better chance of finding homes if we sell them, or wont get caught in the fence if we keep them.