Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yer Nugget's Loose

Paul has been on vacation this week and he’s been busting his butt digging holes for my garden fence.  He got up early yesterday (again) in hopes of finally finishing the digging part of the construction, but was cut short when one of our neighbors drove down here to tell us Nugget (the mini-horse) was out of the pasture and at the house next door.
So off he went to round up the little bugger.  Nugget was contentedly grazing in the neighbor’s front yard.  Probably because the grass was greener over there.  He’s been pushing on a section of fence and it finally gave enough that he could slip underneath and out of the pasture.  Paul spent the next few hours reinforcing the fence with a couple extra t-posts and a string of barbed wire at the bottom in attempts to deter any more diabolical escape plans.
Paul came home, grabbed a quick lunch and went right back out to work on the post holes.  He was out there another hour or so when the fire pager went off – and off he went.  Didn’t get home until 6:30 and of course was exhausted, so that was the end of post hole digging for the day. 
My day was nothing as exhausting, nor exciting, although it was kind of sad.  I had finally placed an ad in the local paper to sell some of our goats and I got “the call” today. 
A lady was interested in Stormy, the Nigerian mix doe.   She already has a Nigerian doe and a buck and wanted another doe.  Apparently she isn’t going to be milking them (or eating them) but will be using them for entertainment purposes – she has sixteen grandkids!  And apparently the goats are the most exciting thing about going over to grandma’s house.  So I gave her Stormy’s records (d.o.b., vaccination and worming schedule, etc.) and we loaded the little black and white goat into the back seat of the woman’s car.  Paul, Rhiannon and I waved goodbye as they both drove away.  You could still hear Stormy with the car windows rolled up.  Hope that lady had earplugs!

So we’re “down” to eleven goats now.  That is, until Ishtar and Cloud have their kids. 
Paul's Take
Why do I even take vacation?  It's not like I get to do anything fun or relaxing.  And of course, once I start a project around here, there's always something else going on...... horse, mule, goats, chickens escaping from whatever enclosure they are supposed to be in, kids need their horns burned off, somebody starting a brush fire and it ends up going through the neighborhood......
This is why nothing ever gets finished around here. 
Next time I take vacation I'm not telling Carolyn.  I think I'll take the truck to "work", then just sit in the cab and sob for a while.


  1. "Down" to 11? That's a riot! I find myself out trying to convince myself not to keep every lamb. So far, I'm only keeping one. But there are more to come...

    Ah, Paul. I feel your pain. I haven't had a non-working vacation in over 5 years.

  2. When you live on a farm, a vacation is not going to happen!

    The most we can get away is for two days and then we worry a lot.

  3. Even though you know they are going to good homes doesn't it break your heart to see them leaving! That is the hardest part for me. I stand there crying like a idiot and the new owner is wondering what the heck is wrong with me. LOL They will understand one day. Paul just spend your next vacation at Hidden Haven. There is a HUGE to do list hanging on the fridge. Just make yourself at home and get busy. haha

  4. What's a fire pager?
    Is Paul part of a volunteer fire department?

  5. Susan / gld, Vacations are highly overrated anyways...right?

    Peggy, maybe we should "swap" fridge mine is longer than yours!! :)

    Y.M., yep, we're both volunteers. He lost paper-scissors-rock so he got to go this time! Only one of us can go since Rhiannon was born. Wonder if she'd stay put in the engine? Hmmmm.

  6. What a riot. Heehee! Tell Paul not to worry, as he's not alone in the 'vacation' department. Darling Husbie always looks forward to going back to work after a vacation so he can get some rest. He says "projects beget projects" around here, so they're never-ending.

    I do hope sweet Stormy has settled into her new home. That would break my heart to have to say goodbye!