Thursday, April 7, 2011


Twelve.  10 + 2.  Dozen. 

However you write it, we now have two more goats that we did just this morning.  And Krazo Acres is now at a dozen goats.  And there are still two more goats that need to kid.

At what point do you consider someone a freaky-goat-person?  If you came up to me five years ago and told me that I'd have a dozen goats in my yard I'd say that you were nuts.

Turns out I'm the one who's nuts. 

Annette's due date was today and she kidded right on schedule.  She started being really vocal around Noon today and I was in and out of the barn with her for about four hours before she really started getting to it.  Thankfully Grandma came over to watch Rhiannon so I could focus all my attention on the pending kidding.

I guess I could have just stayed in the house up until right before she started hard labor because I've had the baby monitor on, but she was being such a baby.  I had locked her in the kidding pen at Noon and she just cried and yelled and bellowed until I came back out there and sat with her.  So I read quite a few magazines, swatted about two dozen wasps, cleaned up every last goat turd in the stall and tried my best to comfort Annette during her contractions. 

It only took about a half hour from the time she lost her plug to her pushing out her second kid.  The first one was presented correctly and the second one had one leg forward and one back.  Before I could get in there and pull the other leg out she gave one last hard push and he was out.

Of course, we all hope for doelings, but these were both males.  I'd be more dissapointed except they are so darned cute!  I'm not sure what you'd call the color the second buckling is, it almost looks like he's black with silver / brown frosted tips and a white-tipped tail and little white hat (just like the father). 

Anyhow, it was a pretty smooth kidding.  They both stood up quickly and started nursing before I knew it.  Not sure if boys are faster at walking / nursing, but Nettie's doelings didn't get going as quickly as these little guys did.

Two kidding down, two more to go.


  1. I always wonder what you "goat people" do with the excess? The freezer or is a there a close by market for them?

    They are adorable! I love the little gray one.

  2. Those are two examples of why you end up with a dozen or more. They are fun and cute, to boot. Ask me how I know...

  3. gld, this year is the first time I'm going to have to sell the kids, and maybe even two of my Mini-Saanen does. We just can't afford to keep all of them in hay & feed. Although we have been eating the older male kids, but I'm going to try to find homes for these two guys before we consider sending them to freezer camp.

    susan, dare I ask how many dozen you have??? :)