Friday, July 8, 2011

Melon Rind Smoothies

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?  Well, if you’re a chicken it does.

Melons are abundant at the local farmer’s markets now and we’ve eaten our share of them.  I normally just toss the rinds out into the Evil Enchanted Forest if we’re gnawing on them outside, but if I cube the melon up inside, I’ll save the rinds for the chickens.  They pick the rinds pretty clean, but are leaving a mess of melon skins around the coop. 
Don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before, but today I put the rind from the cantaloupe into the blender and made melon rind smoothies for the chickens. 
No more rinds scattered around the chicken coop, all scraps utilized (seeds already went into the chicken bucket) and that much less chicken feed to buy.  With the prices of grain & feed going up almost weekly, any little bit helps. 


  1. do you also give them those bend-y straws to slurp it up with?? How does a chicken eat (drink) a smoothy?

  2. I agree; everything left over goes to the chickens.

    They are currently enjoying Japanese Beetles from the traps!

  3. Christine; Crazy Straws!

    gld; I often wonder if I can make a grasshopper trap for the same reasons. All that protein, just need a way to harvest it for them!

  4. Great idea! We've been feeding watermelon rinds to the goats (along with their hay) and extra clabbered milk to our chickens. Can't beat free feed! :)