Friday, February 15, 2013

Cat got my tongue

Exactly why would a cat take somebody's tongue anyhow?  Do they secretly use the stolen tongue to groom cat body parts that aren't particularry tasty?  Do they make them into tacos?  Or is it just one of the ingredients in the mind-controlling potions they use on their human slaves?

Regardless of where that phrase comes from, it would seem as if my cats have indeed stolen my tongue.

I have had nothing of interest to blog about lately.  And I've been just as apathetic in my daily activities at home.  There are tons of things on the dreaded "To Do" list, but I haven't had the slightest inkling to do a one of them.

So what does one talk about when there is nothing to talk about?

The weather, of course!

We've had several days of rain in the past week.  And it's much appreciated after two years of scorching-hot and crispy-dry summers.  Up until today, the days have been very warm and we've been taking advantage of it by doing some hiking through the property.  The only problem with the warm winter is that the ticks really never went away.  After each walk, we've had to do "tick checks" on everyone (human and canine) and I've been picking ticks off Charlie and Moonshine every day, several times a day.  Apparently the chiggers are also taking advantage of the warm weather as poor Rhiannon got several bites.

I've also been going back & forth debating on if I should stick some peas in the ground.  We've only had a few nights in the mid to upper 20's so I'm kind of upset that I probably could have planted them weeks ago, but didn't.  Maybe I'll use the old seeds and if they die from a freeze, then no big loss.
Charlie & Rhiannon "preparing" the raised beds.
I've also got to get going on my tomato and pepper seed trays (i.e. empty egg carton bottoms).  I finally got a Baker Creek seed catalog a few days ago.  We used to get the seeds directly from their store up in Mansfield, but since I wanted to start seeds before our trip, I emailed them a request for a catalog.  We haven't received a catalog from them in several years and boy, was I ever surprised to see the quality of the catalog!  I almost feel guilty for asking them to send me one; it must have cost a fortune to print.  This baby practically qualifies as one of those "Coffee Table" books!

I've been juicing on & off for the past month and I include sweet potatoes in the mix.  Since I was going through so many sweet potatoes, I started cutting off the ends and putting them in little trays (i.e. empty cat food cans) with water and sprouts have started.  I've never planted sweet potatoes, but figured this was a good way to start some slips without any cash-outlays.

So, that's about all that's going on around here for now.  Annette is due in two weeks, so I'll no doubt be boring you with pending goat labor & birth in the near future.


  1. And what trip is that? The one to upstate NY???? I was almost afraid to read the post, after that title, but I was brave. Boy, Charlie sure has grown! It looks as though he's already attached himself to Rhiannon as her personal guard dog. Peas are just a fond and distant memory of last year....we've still got about a half-foot of snow on the ground.

  2. Carolyn,

    I love the picture of Rhiaanon and Charlie, are they both planting those pea's for you?

    Last year, I had real good luck with sweet potatoes. All I did was place a couple of ends on top on some compost, place a circular device around them, and put some loose straw over the top of them. When the vines started poking out of the straw, I placed just a little more straw (not compacted though). I watered them every now and then. That was the first time I planted sweet potatoes. This year, I will do the same but instead of making a circular bamboo fence. I'm going to use my son's old tires.

    Like you, I need to start my seeds inside soon.

  3. You still write an interesting post even though you think you have nothing to say! I've kinda felt the same way lately. I'm sure I must be doing SOMETHING these days, but it sure doesn't seem to warrant sharing. I commented to my hubby at dinner tonight that I got quite a few things crossed off my list today but they weren't anything that "showed." Then I mumbled something about maybe I should paint the kitchen ceiling a different color tomorrow (that would show!), but he just gave me a really weird look.

  4. I loved the Baker Creek catalog! Your so lucky to live close enough to go to the store! I grew sweet potatoes last year, they were so good!!!! I've got my tomatoes, cucumbers, cantalope, and strawberries started! I'm going to plant my green onions and potatoes tomorrow, I can't wait!!!! The hubs went walking through the woods last weekend and ended up with seven ticks on him!!! I hope Rhiannon isn't too itchy with the chigger bites! Have a great weekend!!!!

  5. You have such a way with words; I enjoy reading your blog no matter what you have to say!

    I can't imagine you still have ticks.....maybe we do too but I am not outside enough to discover them this winter.

    I have had so many 'do nothing' days that I am embarrassed. I am getting a lot of reading done.......

  6. I can relate CR! Nothing to talk about here either so all I can do is talk about ME! Yes...It's all about ME and I'm personally tired of ME. (She's such a bit@h)

    Bring on the nicer weather. SM says we're having rain every 3rd day. Good for the soil, bad for the chick who wants to get out and play in the stuff. Brr, freakin brr!

  7. Ticks and chiggers in FEBRUARY!! That's just not right. They are one of the "things" from the midwest that I do NOT miss at all.
    Not sure what's up with the apathy, I have been suffering from it myself lately. (sigh)

  8. I'm still debating whether or not to buy guinea fowl this year. I know they will eat ticks, but they can be loud. I love the photo you shared. So cute!

  9. I'm just jealous that you can go to the store in Mansfield, wow!