Monday, February 25, 2013

Name that Goat!

I am horrible at coming up with names for our animals and since so many of my blogging friends have the best names for theirs that I figured I would pick your brains for a bit.

We don't have any reasoning for the names really.  I thought about going the "themed" route in picking names each year as it seemed not only like a cute idea, but actually a good way to remember who was born when (i.e. 2009 was the year of the herb names, 2010 was the year for TV show names, etc.).  But I'm not that original.

Here are the names of our critters, past & present:

Cats past* and present (Meow*, Slurp*, Cheese*, Stupid*, Crackers, Evil Kitty, Black Susan, Outside Kitty)

Dogs past* and present (Nero*, Bubba*, Killer*, Luna*, Aragon*, Moonhsine, Harley*, Charlie)

Goats past* and present (Nettie, Ishtar*, Joyce*, Annette, Moo*, Cloud*, Stormy*, Chop Suey, Pan*, Pickles, Lily, Herman)

Equines (Ms. Melman and Nugget)

So, without using names we've already had on the farm, how'd you like to start tossing out suggestions?

The new goat is a Mini-Saanen (1/2 Pygmy and 1/2 Saanen) milk goat.  She's not only mini, but on the thin side.  No other "odd" things about her like extra nipples or anything, so "Nips" is out of the question I suppose.  Can't really say much more about her except that she's a sweetheart.

Not looking for names for her little buckling because I'm still unsure what we're going to do with him (or his "package") yet.  Because you know, as soon as we name him it will be almost impossible to get rid of him then.  And I don't want another buck.



  1. I once named one of our does Paralee. I saw it on a grave marker in an old cemetery. This woman lived and died in the 1800s and, for some reason, I imagined her as a sweet woman. So for your sweet goat, I suggest the name Paralee.

  2. if you want something to go with her coloring how about Snow or Sandy.

  3. How about "SweetiPy" get it? :)
    Since Saanen's are Swiss- Swissmiss

  4. I like Snow or maybe Pearl? You could go with gemstone names for the 2013 babes. That baby boy is just too cute!!!!

  5. Carolyn,

    Those goats are so adorable! How about Snickers and Milkway?

  6. Well, since she's a milk about Squirt?

  7. It seems to be the year of storms. How about Sandy, for the storm and for her coloring.

  8. We all looked at her and saw a Della, a Cecelia and a Petunia.

  9. I went with old-fashioned names for my Alpines, seemed fitting. I have a Madeline and a Daphne right now and HAD Abigail.
    I like Kelly's suggesion of Pearl, it's old-fashioned and goes with her color and temperment! :)

  10. Judy Jetson... because I name everything after the Jetsons LOL

  11. I'm not going to suggest any names, since our last goat ended up named Nougat because it sounded a lot like New Goat which we called her for far too long.
    Have fun!