Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting ready to get ready

Annette is due to kid in ten days.  So I figured I should get my bum in gear and re-supply the kidding kit, re-fluff the bedding in the kidding stall and get her a C&DT shot.  Pregnant does are supposed to get the shot a month before kidding, but I forgot.  Nothing like waiting for the last minute, hugh?
Quit checking my butt and give me some darned grain already,
can't you see that I'm wasting away to nothing here?!?!
Since I had the medicine out, I grabbed enough syringes and needles for everyone.  So Nettie (who is now a month from kidding), Chop Suey, Herman, Lily and Pickles got their shots while I was playing country vet.

I'm not sure if Herman, Lily and Pickles ever got their C&DT shots when they were younger (doubt it though) so I went ahead and did it.  I suppose I should have given it to them when we first got them here, but I forgot.  At least now everyone will get their shots at the same time every year.

I use Bar Vac CD/T which is a vaccine for the prevention of enterotoxemia, or "overeating disease", and tetanus.  Each goat, regardless of size/weight, gets 2mL subcutaneously (i.e. under the skin) each year.

The kids will receive their shots at 2-3 weeks and a booster shot 4-6 weeks later.

Here is a good website explaining Enteroxtoxemia.

If you want to see my Kidding Kit, click here..

And if you want to see me in the next ten days, you can find me in the goat pen, checking out goat butts.


  1. Those goats look pretty laid back about the upcoming events. So no worry, dear CR. The mama goats will take care of everything in due time. (From my mouth to the goat gods' ears!)

  2. I can't wait for the little kid photos, hope everything goes smoothly and the weather cooperates for the big event!

  3. I have been checking out sheep butts... Life is pretty exciting on a farm, huh? My last two are looking at me at midnight and 3 am like "leave me the heck alone, woman!"

  4. Thank you for the reminder. I need to give the goaties their shots, too. Sheep will wait because there ain't no sub-cu gonna happen through those fleeces. I usually give them their shots when they're shorn - along with worming. Nothing like being helpless on their big butts to put them at my mercy....

  5. We have kids due late this month. Can't wait to see pics of yours.

  6. Annette is beautiful! Is she a Saanen? I didn't breed any of the goats this year so I will have to enjoy everyone else's cute kid pics! ;)

  7. Cute goats! Can't wait to hear all about the birthing! I need to pack my bag and get ready too. The hubs coworkers/friends that are here every morning and afternoon seem to think we are going to do all this preparing and then one morning we'll walk out to feed and there will be a baby. I hope they are wrong I really want to be there ☺

  8. Thank you for the kidding kit! I'm printing it out now so that I can get it ready.. our girls are due in April.

  9. May I come too? I wanna play and help deliver goat babies. I have experience with kids, don'tcha know. Can't be that much different [she says with no knowledge of animal husbandry whatsoever, but a very strong sense of new found bravado] Can I keep it, if I deliver one? I wanna goat ::toddler whinning::

    I kid, I kid. [wow, that was apropos. huh.] Really, just joshing. I love your goat names tho' and she is gorgeous! Wow so white and purty.

    I don't know what the deal is, but your blog is NOT popping up on my reader or blog roll even tho' you are ON there, you just never refresh with each new post. I feel bad, like I am neglecting you, but please know it is not intentional. I suspect it may well be meds or the insomnia bender I am currently on that I can't remember until you come and leave me a comment dissing my husband's epic 1990's fashion sense, y'know? [You didn't think that pic' was anywhere near current did you? Pshaw woman - I stopped those fashion faux pas a long time ago. ::laughing:: I threw that stuff out and played dumb a lot. ::wink::]

    Enjoy your...um, goat butt checking? I'll be thinking of you. Hugs! Skip