Sunday, February 24, 2013

What was that I said about "No Horns"?

I'm just as bad as Lamb's husband at the feed store.

A FB Post seen by me yesterday afternoon: Lady has to move out of state for medical reasons.  Long list of equipment and farm and domestic animals that need to find new homes asap.  Horses, dogs, chickens, trailer, coop, etc.

Oh, and this little lady.....

And her little kid....

And I do mean little.  The woman advertised her as a Saanen, which I no doubt agree that she is, but only partially.  The other "part" was a Pygmy.  So I now have a Mini-Saanen.   Technically, Annette is also a Mini-Saanen, but her sire was a Nigerian Dwarf so she's actually bigger than the new gal.

When we first pulled up to the seller's house and saw one of her daughters leading the goat out of the pen, I was a bit disappointed because I really was hoping for a full-sized Saanen.  I had also hoped that her male offspring was a Saanen as I have yet to find a buck for Nettie and this would solve my problem.  Except the mother was bred to another Pygmy buck.  So the bucking is 3/4 Pygmy and 1/4 Saanen; not so much what I was hoping for.

So now do I not only have yet another goat with horns, but have her male kid who is three weeks old and too old to be disbudded.  I admit, I was immediately tempted to tell the lady "Thanks, but no thanks" when I first saw how little the goat was, but when she came up to us and I gave her a quick once-over, she was sooooo stinking sweet.  Her udder isn't as big as I hoped, but I have a feeling I'll never get another udder as huge as Nettie's.  And she looks like she can use some fattening up.  So I'm hoping that some grain and some lov'n will get her in tip-top shape.

She and her son are in a separate kennel and will stay in there for a few weeks until we can reasonably make sure that they don't have any problems.  I gave her & her kid a drench of Probios and she had a pelleted goat wormer for supper.  When we first got her in the pen and I brought her a bucket of water, I swear she went at the bucket like she was crazed and drank over a gallon.  Since I though she may have been dehydrated, I decided to hold off on the C&DT shots until today; not sure if there would be any problems with giving it, but I wanted to be on the safe side.

I'll milk her later on today and see how that goes.  When we first looked her over at the seller's house, she was fine when I was "groping" her udder to see if she was kicky or shy, but she just stood there like nothing was happening.  I thought I was going to have to wait another two weeks for milk from Annette, but it seems like fresh milk is in our very, very near future!

Paul's Take
Sighs and shakes head.


  1. congrats on your new goats, I hope they both work out. I know if I had the cash there is a few goats nearby I'd be buying myself.

  2. Horned Mama and To-Be-Horned Son are two very, VERY lucky goats to have found a new home at Krazo Acres!

  3. I do NOT CARE how little the new kid is, he is so stinkin cute!!!! OMG!!! I want a goat just like that! Only I think I would like it to be disbudded, but you get what you get. Congrats!

    And PS, if I brought another animal home, I would be disowned... You have a good man there!

  4. Paul's a lucky guy, I probably would have come home with more than just goats. Hope she works out on the milk stand for you.

  5. Really cute! How could you not take them?

  6. How kind of you to take them in! Lucky goats, and with some TLC the future could be very milky :)

  7. Carolyn,

    You have a big heart for animals. As soon as you set your eyes on those goats, deep down you knew they were going home with you. Bless you, for helping this woman out, and her sweet goats.

  8. Oh my, oh my.... there is simply no way that anyone could resist that photo of the kid - that's how I got one of our dogs (the dumb one) LOL. I had on my file with the Aussie Rescue "NO PUPPIES" and they sent me a dad gum photo.... grrrrr. 4 hours later I have the dumbest Australian Shepherd puppy ever, I didn't even know they could be dumb until her, good thing we love her :) I hope your additions blend in wonderfully with your homestead!

  9. You are such a mush. She looks awfully thin - her buckling is a major cutie. Thank goodness you found each other.

  10. I need a sweet little whether to hang out with my Suffolk ram, so get that stinkin' cute little guy banded and ship him to Oregon. Congrats on the new addition.

  11. Rivenfae, not that we're swimming in cash (oh how I wish), but our problem is more with the adequate fenced-in areas than the $$. But I suppose with enough $$ we WOULD have the fenced-in areas! Maybe it's "good" that you didn't have extra cash floating around :)

    Mama Pea, I sure hope they enjoy their new place and herdmates!

    Tiny, he IS stinking teeny-tiny-cute! And Paul is a great man. Poor guy! :)

    Tombstone, Oh, believe you me, I was tempted to go out and look at the horses. We DID have room in the trailer!

    Kathy, actually I was pretty close to not taking them (for like, six seconds) and really wasn't worried about them selling. For the price she was asking for a goat in milk, even though she's small & a bit skinny, was a really good deal and there were other people asking to be next in line if we didn't take her.

    Nancy, I really do hope she fills out, she is such a stinking sweetie. And if not, well, she's still got a home here.

    Sandy, did you just call me a "sucker"? :)

    Erin, so you also had a "No puppy policy" too? Look how well that worked out for us!

    Susan, are you commenting on my mental aptitude or my muffin top? I really do hope she can put on weight. Gonn'a put her on some alfalfa pellets & good grain and get that buckling off her as soon as possible.

    Ruth Dixon, don't tempt me. And your home address better not be available from an internet search or you're in BIG trouble!

  12. Congrats!!! The buckling is a doll!!!! I can't wait to have goat babies!

  13. She looks like such a sweetie! I hope she is a good milker. She is a lucky, lucky goat to have found a home with you guys! What are you gonna do with her boy, Little Bit?