Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall Meat Birds

Rhiannon (and I) anxiously awaited the early morning phone call.  We were already prepared for the arrival so when it was time to go, we jumped in the car and zipped into town.

We got to the post office and knew our package was waiting there for us before we even entered the main lobby.  The audible evidence was reverberating all around the painted cinder block walls.

Rhiannon goes up to the counter and asks the postman, "Are my baby chicks here?" to which he grins and says, "I'm sorry, but I don't think there are any chicks for you here today."  Rhiannon lets out a startled "Hugh?!", looks at him as if he's totally crazy and is adamant that her chicks are in fact in the back and points in the direction of the peeping and says to the postman, "Can't you HEAR them?!?".  His attempt at humor was stifled a bit by Rhiannon's inability to comprehend the man's apparent deafness and her indignant insistence that they WERE there.

He finally gave up the charade and slid the peeping box over the counter top to my now much-relieved daughter.  When we opened the door to leave, I swear she gave me a look like "What was that guy smoking?!"

I had originally planned on ordering from McMurray but because of my procrastination, they didn't have any available until the middle of September and I really wanted them no later than the 1st of September.  So on Monday I ended up I ordering thirty Cornish Cross cockerels from Estes Hatchery, who are located just two hours north of us.  I figured I should give a somewhat local company a shot and the fact that my carbon footprint wasn't all that big for the shipment, I felt pretty good.  All thirty-two fluffy chicks (they threw in two extra) arrived from Estes just four days after I placed the order, alive and peppy.  We performed the obligatory New-Chick-Ritual (dipping beaks into water & showing them where the food was) and left them alone to explore their new home.

I was hoping to not have to use the heat lamps for the nuggets, but it did get down to the 70's last night so I had to have Paul run the extension cord for it.  It was either that, or bring them into the laundry room.  And we all know how wonderful that is, don't we, Susan???


  1. There's no doubt in my mind that Rhiannon takes after you! Poor Paul now he has two of you to keep happy!

  2. Ha! When we get new chicks and the temp is "only" 70° they think it's time to break out the bikinis!!

    There is something about new chicks that appeals to all of us, isn't there? Yep, even old fuddy duddy postmen . . . if they would admit it.

  3. I do hope we are able to do this next year... we cheated this year and ordered whole chickens already to go in freezer. Time got away from us... love rhiannons face with those babies....congrats!

  4. OMG. My laundry room (and I) are still recovering. Mine head to freezer camp on Thursday. None too soon.

  5. Carolyn,

    This picture of Rhiannon is just totally priceless. She loves her baby chicks.
    Will these babies end up being pets?

  6. Carolyn, When I raise my meat birds and layers I have never had to dip their beaks in water or food. Is that an issue for you regularly? I haven't lost any except when they have came out of shipping box down and pretty much out. Just curious. Good luck with your meaters. I have a half steer and half hog going in freezers and chickens still there sso room is tight but it taste good!!!

  7. Mike, It could be that Rhiannon is "worse" than me. Yes. Paul has quite the challenge ahead.

    Mama Pea, I'll never be able to get the picture of chicks in baithing suits out of my head now, thanks.

    M.E. Masterson, Time almost got away from us this year as well. There's always next year for home-grown chicks.

    Susan, nothing like stocking the freezer! Besides, you're going to need soup stock in like, two weeks, isn't that when winter starts up there?

    Sandy, Oh yes, Rhiannon loves her baby chicks, but one of the first things she says to anybody who inquires about her chicks is "And in eight weeks...we EAT 'em!"

    Lisa, I really don't know if it's necessary, but that's what "they" say to always do and we've always done it. I'm pretty sure they are smart enough to find the water / food, or at least to accidentally stumble upon it. We're going to have to start making room in the freezer as well. But that's a good thing!

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