Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Getting Their Just Deserts

Our peach trees have been attacked by the darned grubs and as usual, the stinking squirrels.

They have been getting nice and plump on all those wonderful peaches.  And being the jerk rodents that they are, they are never, ever happy with the peaches that have already fallen, or those that I leave for them as peace-peach-offerings at the foot of the tree up at the road near their woodland hideout.

Nooooo.  They have to climb the peach trees and take a bite here, take another bite there, and then, after stabbing their sharp rodent teeth into no fewer than a half-dozen peaches, decide on that special one, pull it off the branch, and make their way into the woods to shove yet another peach into whatever hidey-hole they have chosen for their pirated bounty.

So this year was no different than last year's Running of The Squirrels.

Plink.  Plink.  Plink.

And supper was had by all.  They ate our peaches.  And we, in turn, ate them.

After finishing our supper of Shake & Bake Squirrel, fried onion & lambs quarters and zucchini fritters, we had a wonderful homemade / homegrown dessert.  Peach cobbler:

Quite a fitting ending, I thought.


  1. Carolyn,

    Bye bye squirrels, lol.......
    Cobbler looks delicious :-)

  2. "Shake and Bake Squirrel" another great name for a Punk rock band. and that pie...send me some please

  3. LOL!!!! Your dessert looks yummy! Do you let the squirrel meat rest in the fridge for a couple days or eat it right away??????

    1. Oh yeah, the damn blister beetles came back yesterday afternoon. I went out with pliers and squished the ones that didn't flop off the plant. It was crazy how they just let go and fall to the ground. I thought the plant was all stems yesterday, this morning it's pathetic. Thanks again for the bug education :))))

  4. 'Scuse me, but could you come up here and plink, plink, plink the two grey coated rodents who are eating all my chicken feed? I cannot get a good shot at them because my chickens go darting around.

  5. Sometimes you have to be merciless and do what needs to be done. 'Bout 81 (slight exaggeration) chipmunks went to that great chipmunk heaven in the sky here today. They have been bringing in backpacks (true!) to cart away the birds' sunflower seeds lately. Enough is enough.

  6. P.S. We are not dining on shake and bake chipmunk tonight.

  7. Thank you so much for the visual and making me laugh!

  8. Oh, yeah, and Martha Stewart could do a recipe on "Peach-grazed Sciurus Bake" - of course, there'd be her glam-shot, posing with a Gamo Silent Cat slung over her elbow, hunting vest just so, dangling a slew of furry rodents in her other goatskinned gloved hand. Recipe at the back of the magazine...
    BTW, what IS your chosen "dispatching equipment"? Neighbors don't know, but the little grey ba*terds that pranced along our lane were taken out by a neighbor's Gamo. Hooray!