Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cat Food Casserole

My Mom watches Rhiannon when I'm working the Farmers Market.  It was a particularly cold day (25 degrees when I got there, brrrrr!!) and I had a major headache on top of it.  When I went to pick Rhiannon up, she didn't want to go home.  Of course.  What grandkid wants to go home from Grandma's house?  Christmas cookies, television, (different) cats and (different) toys to play with.

So I begrudgingly bribed her with a trip to the grocery store (which I had to go to anyhow but because of my headache was going to put it off until the weekend).  Yeah.  What kid wants to go to the grocery store?  Strange, I know.  But she enthusiastically took the bait and we headed back into town.

Rhiannon knew I had a headache because when trying to extricate her from Grandma's house, I whined to her (yeah I'm pathetic, I know, a 40 year old whining to a 6 year old) that Mommy worked all morning and my head really hurt and I just wanted to go home.  So when we got to the store, she said that she would be pushing the buggy and doing the shopping.  Which she did.  And only knocked into someone once (which she immediately said "Excuse me, I'm sorry"....which I was sooo proud of).

We went up & down the aisles (although slowly and somewhat erratically) and she carefully plucked our choices from the shelves and put them in the buggy.  She put all of the items on the check-out conveyor and even counted out the correct amount owed to the cashier (who must have a grandchild of her own given her saintly patience while Rhiannon counted out change).  By now, my headache was fading.  I'm not sure if it was because of the handful of ibuprofen I popped at Mom's house....or because of the love I was being shown from my daughter for taking care of the shopping.

When we got home she helped with barn chores and put away the groceries.  And then she said that she was going to be making supper.  Not wanting to waste an opportunity for her to feel "all grown up", I gave her several (simple) choices for the meal.  Tuna Noodle Casserole was the winner and she went about gathering ingredients and assembling them to be put in the casserole dish.  She grabbed the cans of tuna fish and with a little help, opened them.  And then shockingly said, "Ewww!  CAT FOOD?!?"

Obviously we don't eat tuna fish that often.  

So after telling her that Yes, cat food does come in a similar looking can, and Yes, tuna fish does kind'a smell like cat food, and Yes, I'm certain this is people food and not cat food.....she was finally satisfied that I wasn't playing some cruel joke on her and she finished mixing everything up.  I shoved it in the oven and not an hour later, Paul, Rhiannon and I were at the table eating what we now call "Cat Food Casserole".


  1. Carolyn,

    Nothing better than having Rhiannon be your helper. She did a great job shopping, helping around the homestead, and cooking. I have to agree with Rhiannon on the tuna fish looking like cat food.

  2. Can Rhiannon come live with us for a couple of weeks? I could really use a helper like her in the kitchen. Hard to believe a 5 year old did all she did to "help Mom." Including putting together the Cat Food Casserole!

  3. Can I have her after Mama Pea?? What a darling girl! No wonder you felt better! My nephew used to call that Kitty Casserole. I don't care - it's one of my favorites!

  4. Carolyn I can't stop laughing! I love cat food casserole but Dan doesn't it. Maybe I should make if for the cats and me.

  5. My son once bragged to the neighbor's children that I cooked with dog milk. He then opened the pantry and showed them a can of Pet Evaporated Milk. Lol

  6. Parenting done right! Go you! Rhiannon is certainly a wonderful little helper!

  7. We don't enjoy tuna casserole. But we like Catfood Salad Sandwiches! Hee-hee.

    I taught my daughter how to compare prices, it's easier now, what with the unit price on the shelf labels, and when she was a pre-teen, we'd go through the sales flyers together. Then she became a teenager and got too cool for such things. But as an adult, she is great at getting the most bang for her buck on what she buys. It's an important skill they will use all their lives. I enjoyed this post.