Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Merry Christmas...everyone else can piss off.

Rant coming in 3, 2, 1.......

We live in a predominately Christian area.  It's the Bible Belt, so that's no big surprise.

What I am surprised at (shit, who am I kidding, I no longer have faith in humanity) is the bigotry and intolerance that is spewing out of people's mouths during what should be a joyful and festive time of year.

Joyful because people are celebrating the birth of Christ.  Joyful because people are celebrating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  Joyful because people are celebrating the return of the sun.

Heck, lets just all celebrate that we're alive!  What better time to do that than in the dead of winter.  Shove a tree in the corner of the living room and put some shiny dangly things on the branches for the cats to bat at, eat and puke up later on the tree skirt that your mother made you fifteen years ago.
Christmas Cat Vomit in 3, 2, 1......
Dig out that cat themed Nativity that your sister gave you.
My Natavity.  Baby Kitty Jesus.
Blasphemous?  Maybe, but that's what I got.
Eat some Matzoh balls and light the candles on that cool looking candle holder thingy.
Don't have one of these, but heck, they're cool looking.
Go outside and light some candles on the eve of the longest night of the year and yell for the sun to return.
I'll scream for the sun to come back.....but in an area much
farther south in latitude.
Or, if you really, really like to celebrate, check out this list of  reasons to celebrate in the month of December and just go with it!  Yesterday was National Brownie Day, and I totally missed it.  But I can make it up today since it's National Pastry Day.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Solstice!  Happy Holidays!  Grand Oatmeal Muffin Day!  And to everyone who genuinely wishes me a Happy Anything, I will gladly reply with a warm smile and a sincere "Thank you!"  I'm not offended that you went out of your way to wish me a good day....regardless if I'm a practicing Catholic, Halakhic Jew, Norse Goddess worshiper, or one of those Flying Spaghetti Monster converts.
Strange.  Why yes.  Yes it is.
But who am I to judge?
I don't give a rat's behind what you do or how you celebrate so long as it makes you happy...and does not harm nor trample on the rights of others.

Oh.  Wait a second.  I can't celebrate my beliefs AND trample someone else's rights into the ground at the same time?  Well then.

It seems that some of the people in my town cannot play well together.  Well, at least not with people who do not believe exactly as they believe.

Last year, our "I'm the mostest, bestest Christian" County Judge decided that he would not allow a "Happy Winter Solstice" banner to be placed on the courthouse lawn.  Which would be fine with me as I believe that a government property is not the appropriate venue for ANY type of religious statement or endorsement.  Except that he allows a Nativity scene to be placed there.....and even goes around beating his chest that nobody is going to make him take it down.  I would think that someone who holds a position in public office should have some comprehension of the laws governing our country.  But apparently he missed class the day The First Amendment was being discussed.

So because of his A) Apparent stupidity, B) Blatant disregard for The Bill of Rights or C) His pompous attitude of self-righteousness, the Judge did nothing to address this problem last year.  And now, a year later, we're back to the same pissing match over the holiday display at the courthouse.

A display which still only allows a Christian theme.  Oh, and Santa Claus.  Apparently having a life sized plastic figure of an old fat man and a magical flying caribou is ok, but a sign that says "Happy Solstice" is just too repugnant for him and the other bigoted Christians.  (Note I say bigoted, not all Christians....don't get your panties all in a bunch.)  So now, because of either A, B or C (see previous paragraph) the County Judge is asking - no - begging for a lawsuit.  One that will come out of the pockets of the local taxpayers.

And to make things even worse, there is something of a "reverse logic" movement going on.  There is a growing number of Christians who are claiming that they are being persecuted, being denied their freedoms, their rights, that their way of life is being attacked ("their" being the operative word here).  Uhm.  Let's look at this again. The original request for another religious banner (i.e. not Christian) was denied.  The original request did NOT say anything about removing the current displays.  The quorum court unanimously voted to again deny any other religious display so the creche is still the only religious display on the courthouse lawn.

Someone, please tell me how the Christians in our town are being persecuted, being stripped of their freedoms, being denied their rights?   You can't walk fifteen feet without running into someone who is (or claims to be) a Christian. You can't turn a corner without seeing a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Mormon or Lutheran church.  Every weekend there is some sort of church bazaar or fundraiser or bible study group.  And that's not necessarily a bad thing.  But I just cannot comprehend this fabricated "War Against Christians" rally. It's like I'm living in Bizarro Land.

So.  Can we look again at exactly who is being denied their rights?  Who is being persecuted?  It certainly isn't anyone of the Christian persuasion in our area.  I've made my opinion made known on social media.  And I suspect that my inability to contain my outrage at the hypocritical rants from some of them will result in the dissolution of our relationships.  Which is sad.  Because even though I do not, can not sit silent when this is happening in my town, I know that they are generally good people and will miss their friendship.  I just wish that they could see that they are not the only good people and the only people with religious rights.

Rant over.

Now I'm going to see what kind of flaky, buttery goodie I can whip up to celebrate National Pastry Day.

Have a wonderful day!  Everyone.


  1. You know, your posts are so worth waiting for. 'Cause I have been waiting....apparently while you work yourself into a righteous frenzy. And justifyably so. I am not a Christian, but I was thrilled to receive an Advent calendar. I would say that I am an Agnostic Darwinist. But the Darwinist in me is getting mighty tired of waiting for the idiots to disappear in the shallow end of the gene pool...

  2. I would say that you are simply behind the lines of the war on Christianity. While the persecution is not really going on there trust me it is elsewhere and the ones around you locally are simply digging in because of the news that reaches them.

    BTW it says freedom of religion NOT freedom from. Christianity and the American political system are attached and partnered. Hence why any private individual can have and display a Kitty Cat Manger scene without fear of some political reprisal but politicians take their oath on a bible.

    These people have seen Prayers removed from Football games, Crosses forcibly removed because they could be seen from a highway, Ten Commandment sculptures ripped off of court houses etc. In many cases because one atheist or muslim in a community of thousands of Christians got money from a shadily funded group to take those communities to courts filled with activist judges. I really can't fault them for fighting back. Atheist, muslim, jewish, hindu whatever can do what they want on their own, they have that right, but the community is still Christian and that should come with a few benefits as well.

    1. I have no problem with prayers at games, crosses that can be seen from highways, etc. What I have a problem with is a government venue (i.e. "public" place) saying that only ONE religion can have representation on the square. I know this seems far-fetched (but not really), but what happens if it's a predominately Jewish community and the Christians are the minority and only a menorah was on the square. If a new group of Catholics came in to town and asked that the creche be allowed equal space on the square, should they be denied? I do not argue that there seems to be a bias against Christianity in some communities, but it's not here. And in my not-gonna-change opinion, NO religion belongs in public school, public office, public grounds. Of course, there is the insane cry-baby crap sending kids home for wearing a "Merry Christmas" shirt or giving out Christmas cards with the baby Jesus on it, and that is just nuts. But if your kid is going to give out Christian based holiday cards, don't throw a fit if some other kid gives out Happy Winter Solstice cards. Because even though Christianity is all good & well because the majority are Christians, what happens when that is NOT the case? Can you imagine the outrage if there were a Muslim something-or-other on the public courthouse (in a majority muslim community)? Suddenly the Christians want to defend "Separation of Church and State". You cannot allow one religion and not the other. That's why I never understood the inclusion of religious monuments in government buildings....eventually it leads to discrimination against someone. And it seems that our community is fine with discrimination, as long as it isn't against THEM. Can't have it both ways. Build a fifty foot granite Ten Commandments, do a real life Nativity Scene (very, very cool, btw), sing Away in a Manger all day and night....but do it on private property and with private funds.

    2. Carolyn you are missing the point or points if I may. For one thing there are communities that are predominately Jewish that do not put out Christmas scenes and opt for the Hanuka (sp?) angle. Secondly the US was founded on Christianity, you cannot separate the two at all. In fact some of the real problems we are seeing are because some people would like to separate the two. It is totally impossible to have a Republic without Christian beliefs and values. The one time it was tried without a Christian founding and moral backbone it didn't even last half as long as ours has so far (arguably I admit).

      You can dislike Christianity in government all you want but the truth is a Christian founded Republic is the only place in history you can. For what that's worth.

  3. I hear you in spite of your rant, a means of communication that normally makes me shut my ears. My parents, my school and my government taught me "...With Liberty and Justice for All..." So, which part of ALL do they no longer understand? On which day did our leaders and so much of our citizenry lose the spine for tolerance? Who exactly drew the line that says freedom over here for me and my kind, ostracism for the rest? I am truly perplexed, and I appreciate that you've spoken out.

    1. I also meant to say that your particular brand of rants I would never shut my ears to. They are always worth the read!

  4. I, for one, am tired of all the bullshit. I am pushing 80 and will do my own thing when and where I want. Remember how Christmas was in the 50's....well, probably not many of you. Singing carols, only 3 weeks of Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving, school concerts and hand made gifts. Not much commercialism except for Macy's and Gimbal's windows in NYC. If somebody is offended, toughshitsky, I say. Celebrate however you want. Besides, mayors are elected.....so kick them out if you don't like his attitude. Jeez I am tolerant as long as you don't infringe on my right to do my thing. I like the Solstice, although it is pagan celebration. I don't celebrate it, but appreciate that the days will be getting longer again.

  5. I'm really sick of politicians who wear their religion (whatever) on their sleeves. Living in redneck-ville I get confronted with that all the time. You get elected here if you have an R and LDS next to your name, nothing else required. Very sad with a lot of very qualified people available. And since a lot of our founding fathers were Masons I don't know that I would qualify our past as "christian" anyway;) I also gag when I say the "pledge" since my allegiance has little to do with a piece of fabric, but that's me. I also preferred the original pledge without the "under god" part. Live and let live, respect other's right to celebrate or not... Happy early Solstice!

  6. Carolyn, I will only say this: Right on, sister!

  7. The only people perpetuating the so-called "War on Christmas" are those shrill, so-called Christians who snarl "Merry Christmas" in response to any other pleasant winter greeting. This country was founded on the separation of Church and State. I have no problems with people celebrating anything (the more the merrier!), but I do take offence to people who insist on cramming THEIR beliefs down my chimney. As for me, I'm keeping the Sol in Solstice. Blessings be, Carolyn!

  8. I was at a store, and said "Merry Christmas" to a man, and he replied "Happy Hanukkah". I laughed, and said, "Cool, I haven't been Hanukkah-ed before". He started, realized what I said, and laughed all the way out of the store. Would that it could be so for others...


    (PS, read the bit about cat eating tree, as my cat is busily defoliating a branch on ours. Nearly choked laughing...)

  9. I enjoy your blog, you have a gift, but I especially liked this entry. And I agree, celebrate what you will, greet me with anything pleasant and heartfelt, and be happy! The older I get, the more I want all religion to be like underpants, yes, we know you have them, just don't be waving it around in my face!