Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So...who's it gonn'a be?

Sandy over at Oklahoma Transient got talking about seeds, then JUGM mentioned a seed exchange, then Sandy mentioned that I had a seed exchange.  Key word being "had".  I totally forgot that I put the "Seed Swap" tab up on my blog header last year (or was it the year before) and I haven't checked the comments on there for like, ever.  So I apologize in advance (ME Masterson, in particular) if you think I was ignoring you.


So.  Who wants to start up a Seed Swap this year?  I've already got the tab up on my blog, and I suppose I should wipe out the old stuff and start anew.  I'd be willing to be the host site for the swap, but that does mean that people might get sucked into reading my insane ranting and raving on the main page before hitting the Seed tab.  Or that I might forget about the Seed Swap entirely.  Or that I might be trampled into the frozen mud by ungrateful goats trying to get into the feed room and never be heard from again and all those seeds looking for homes would be trapped in seedswaplimbo.  But really, if I need to be the one to do it, I will volunteer.

Buuuuuuut....... if there is someone less sloth-like than I, by all means PLEASE (please, please) pipe up and let us know that you want to take the initiative (that I sadly lack lately) and host the 2015 Blogging Buddies Seed Swap.


I wouldn't mind at all.

I'll even send you a chocolate bar if you do.



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  2. Carolyn,

    I remembered your seed swap.....that's why I mentioned it to JUGM and suggested she check your blog out and talk with you. Because she wants to possibly start a swap but wasn't sure how to start it. I wouldn't mind swapping a few seeds if either one of you wanted to host a Seed Swap. Now I don't have tons of seeds to swap, like you ....because I'm pretty much a seed hog.......LOL!!!!

  3. Carolyn,

    You sent me some seeds in Sept. 2013. My reply email where I said I would send you some was dated in Sept. 2013 as well. And ... I found it in ..... October 2014, yes 2014! I think I sent you a few at that time. We're going to have to be a bit more on our toes to be successful swappers, but yes like Sandy, I don't have a ton but I am interested.

  4. DFW, I DID get those seeds! Now I'm wondering why I didn't email you a "thank-you"....but I know why, I'm a sloth. So here a VERY belated "Thank you!" :)