Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bent out of shape

I haven't posted for a while.  There was the whole Thanksgiving thing (nice), the family thing (very nice).  And the Almost Dead Cat thing (not so nice).

So not only did I not have time, nor feel particularly peppy enough to write a post, but when I did come back to my blog I had what I thought was going to be the last post about Outside Kitty staring at me in the face.  Not because I wasn't going to write about him anymore, but because I wasn't certain he was going to be with us anymore.

So here's the not-short version of my crappy weekend/week.....
Outside Kitty wasn't acting quite normal on Thursday or Friday.  And in hindsight, I do remember him being very, very clingy and wanting to sit & snuggle with me every time I sat down.  Saturday morning he was just sitting on the couch.  When we returned home from an afternoon away, he was still in the same position & he wasn't making eye contact and didn't want to be picked up.  He felt hot so I took his temperature.  It was 104.9.  Normal temp for a cat is between 100.5 and 102.5, so I shit a brick and called every vet in the area to see if anyone could get him in (Thanksgiving weekend & all, it wasn't easy).  I got him into a vet about 20 miles away around 5 pm.

After doing blood work, they determined that he had acute kidney failure, likely caused by some sort of toxin and he needed to be put on an IV immediately for fluids and medications.  We're still unsure what kind of toxin it was that caused his trauma.  It could have been a myriad of things, either man made or natural and it could have been ingested up to a week ago.  The vet didn't give him really good odds, but I figured I had to let her try.  I mentally prepared myself to have to put him down.  And I did a lousy job of preparing.  I was a wreck.  Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep.  How could a stinking feral cat that has only been with us for two years make me feel so completely crappy?

Anyways.  He made it through the night, but the vet still said that things didn't look very good.  They continued the IV through the next day and I went to visit him.  I know it sounds horrible, but it was kind of funny seeing him brought in with the IV hooked up to his paw and the vet tech wheeling the IV rack in just like at a "real" hospital.  I could almost see him in one of those blue/green paper napkin robes they give you in the hospital.

He wasn't as lethargic as he was when I first brought him in the day before, but he didn't look great.  We sat in the room together for about an hour and then I left him with the vet, wondering if I'd see him again.  He made it through another night at the vet and I got a call this morning that they did another round of blood work on him and said that his kidney levels were still too high, but that he needed to be off the fluids for a while.  I went to visit him later this afternoon and he seemed perkier than before.  The vet said that he should go home with me.  I was happily surprised as I had once again prepared (poorly) at letting him go.

So Outside Kitty is home now.  He has to eat some sort of special cat food (i.e. expensive) and I have to keep a close eye on how much he drinks & pees and hopefully notice if he's not feeling well.  There's not much else that can be done, but at least he's at home and surrounded by family.

Outside Kitty, relaxing in his favorite spot.


  1. Being home and with his "family" will go farther toward making him better than anything. He probably needs a lot of lap time, too. A good report, good to hear he seems to be improving. Now we need to get you some help to make it through this trauma! Hugs to you and Outside Kitty.

  2. Poor guy. We have some problems with urinary tract infections with a couple of our kitties as well from time to time. Finally had to switch their food to a more expensive (of course) brand.

    Hope he gets well soon!!!

  3. I'm glad he has a better chance now.... Havin him home will help also.

  4. Glad to hear he pulled through and here's to hoping for a few more years of posting about Outside Kitty. Amazing how he sent you such subtle signals that made you wonder about him.

    I hope YOU'RE doing better now too...

  5. How is he coming along? Sorry to hear ....isn't funny how critters capture our hearts even when we don't realize it?

  6. So glad he made it through & I hope he continues to improve.

  7. Carolyn,

    Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about Outside Kitty. If he's using a kitty litter be careful some of them have to much dust which causes costly infections. Being that he's an outside cat, I can assume he's not using litter. In the picture above of Outside Kitty, he looks pretty good enjoying his usual spot to lay down. I'm happy to hear he's home, and I hope he continues to feel better and recover totally.
    Sending hugs to you and your family.

  8. Sounds like O.K. is going to be ok (couldn't resist)! He's a beautiful boy -- love that face.