Saturday, October 16, 2010


My Mom came over on Thursday with a hunk of ground beef & a determination to make either chili or meatballs.  Since she doesn’t like beans, nor the choice of wild meats I normally put in my chili, I decided to make meatballs.  Mostly because I’ve never made them.  It’s kind of weird that I’ve never made meatballs; I’ve cooked, fried, baked, stewed, smoked or BBQ’d just about any & every kind of dish but I've never made meatballs. Or fried chicken.  Isn’t that weird?  So here’s my first attempt at meatballs.
They turned out ok.  Some kind of spice was missing & they weren’t as firm as I would have wanted.  Maybe it’s because I finished cooking them in the sauce in the crockpot.  Paul’s Mom says she pan fries & finishes cooking them in the oven.  Maybe I’ll try that next time.  Nonetheless, we all ate meatball sandwiches until we were stuffed. 
I’ve get back to you on the fried chicken.

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