Saturday, October 30, 2010

Play Area for Rhiannon

Rhiannon just LOVES playing with the gravel in the driveway & the pea gravel in the local park so I figured we’d make her a little “gravel pit” in the front yard using an old tractor tire.  Of course she wanted to help. 
Still have to put the landscaping fabric down in it & pick up a load of gravel – hopefully on Monday.  She keeps wanting to go inside the tire & play but it’s just a bunch of dirt right now.  Took two baths today.

It will be nice to have an area for her right in front of the house so I can sit on the porch & be able to watch her.  When she gets too old to play in it I’ll just convert it into a raised bed or dig the gravel out & move the tire to the goat pen for those kids to play on. 
We’ve accumulated quite a bit of freebee treated lumber the past few years and also have a few of those plastic 55-gallon drums so I’m trying to figure out some other simple playground-type stuff that I can build for her.  Anyone have suggestions?

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