Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spring 2008

In March, Paul built a “Chicken Extension” on the backof the goat shed because he wanted his storage shed back.  I have to admit, the storage shed was a bit overkill for housing the chickens.  So now the chickens & goats share the same shed, but on different sides. 
I also started my first batch of incubator eggs.  Out of 40 eggs, I only got 17 hatchings.  But I’ll attribute the low hatching rate to the fact that I had a not-so-great homemade incubator that didn’t like to stay at temperature.    I’ve tried incubating on two other occasions, but have given up on that until I get a good incubator.

Ms. Melman joined us in May.  I haven’t been working with her like I should though. At first we were doing pretty well.  Got her halter & lead broke, did some lounging & got a saddle on her.   Then in late June,  I found out I was pregnant so that meant no major training opportunities.  Now I have my hands busy with Rhiannon.  I hope to be able to spend a bit more time with her this winter when Rhiannon is with Paul or Grandma. 

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