Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of the Seemingly-Endless Egg Extravaganza

Daylight has been waning for two months now and about half of the hens are molting. We used to have electricity to the barn (hillbilly style; long extension cords from the garage to the barn) which I would use to light the chicken coop just before dark.  Since the goats managed to pull one of the trees the cord was hanging from (I told you it was hillbilly), I took the extension cord down before one of the goats chomped through it and electrocuted itself.  So I haven’t had any supplemental light to trick the chickens into a longer laying cycle.
All this means not only do we have half-naked, ugly chickens running around, but our plethora of eggs has turned into somewhat of a shortage.  We’re still getting at least two, maybe four a day, but with winter just around the corner we’ll be getting even fewer than that. 
Breakfast almost always consists of some sort of egg dish; scrambled eggs, quiche, egg casserole, egg sandwiches, egg burritos.  I’m sure going to miss that.  I think we only had to buy store eggs twice the past two winters for baking or other dishes that required eggs when we were out.  If we’re totally out of eggs again this winter I’ll try to find somebody local with fresh eggs instead of stooping so low as to buy them from the grocery store.  Hello, my name is Carolyn, and I’m an Egg Snob.
Only three eggs today Mommy.


  1. Did the goat die or did it survive the electric exicuation??

  2. I'm happy to say that no goats were harmed in the extension cord suspension failure.