Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Na-a-a-a-a. Na. Na. NAAAAAAAAAAA! Na, naaa, naa. Na. N-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A ..aaaaaa. Na. naa. Or “Will you PLEASE shut up already!”

Annette had been in heat yesterday & the day before.
Ask me how I know.
Nettie was bred just under a month ago and Annette was in heat at almost the same time, though I didn’t have her bred.  I’m trying to have all three does kid about three to four weeks apart, not only so they will each have the kidding stall several weeks to themselves, but because I’m going to try to have milk year-round next year.  It’s somewhat of a relief to have a couple of months off milking, especially in the dead of winter.  But it’s such a bummer to not have any fresh milk.  I’d freeze some milk for the off time, but we really don’t have enough freezer space to do that.  Especially if Paul gets a deer or two in the freezer this season (hint-hint Paul, if you’re reading this).  I have, however, been freezing some of the ricotta cheese since it’s practically coming out my ears.  I really need to make a lasagna or two & put that in the freezer.
I took little Miss I’m-not-gonna-shut-up-until-I-see-my-boyfriend out of the main goat area to the buck pen.  Where Mr. Stink-o, aka Pan, was wearing a trench on the fence line from pacing back & forth.  I had Annette on a lead & just stayed there until it looked like Pan hit the mark & she did the archy-back thing twice.  Did the same thing yesterday.  I debated keeping her in the buck pen, but changed my mind after remembering how utterly stinky Nettie was when I left her down there for just half a day (see “Goat Wash” blog if you missed it).
Annette has been so worked up the past two days that I got under half the milk I normally get from her.  Not only has she been relentlessly yelling, but she’s been off her feed.  I just got in from milking just a bit ago & she’s just now starting to seem interested in eating her grain. 
Oh, and I think Ishtar is in heat now.  It’s been kind’a difficult to figure out her heat cycle.  Both Nettie & Annette have white skin on their behind, so even if they weren’t yelling or tail flagging, I can usually tell because they get a little pink back there.  Ishtar has black splotches on her nose, udders and behind, so it’s not as easy to tell from the color of her rear.  And she doesn’t yell either, maybe just a little bit of tail wagging.  So I’m going to mark my calendar for three weeks from now & have her bred then.  Although I still haven’t decided if I’m going to try to line up another Saanen buck for her or just breed her to Pan (a Nigerian Dwarf) again. 
Ah, the trials and tribulations of Goat-Luv’n.
I’m going to go get me a tall glass of milk now.
No kitty, that’s MY glass of milk.
*heard off in the distance (  NA A A A A A)

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