Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clean Getaway - I mean - Giveaway!

Gardening season, as poor as it may seem around here, is well underway.  And my hands and feet are looking like I’m a genuine hillbilly.  It doesn’t help that I have a knack for walking around outside barefoot.

Dirty finger and toenails, calluses on the soles of my feet, sweating in the heat of the afternoon sun.  Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?
But since most of us aren’t going to don rubber gloves and Tyvek suits to do our gardening and barn chores, we have to really, really scrub up when we want to get clean.
I took Rhiannon to the city pool yesterday and I was embarrassed at how unkempt my feet were.  It’s not like I didn’t scrub them up real well before going out in public; heak, I even shaved my legs (like you really needed / wanted to know that).  But after seeing all those other fancy painted toenails and feet adorned with pretty shiny anklets, it made me want to, well, feel girlie like everyone else.
So this evening, after my weed-pulling and barn chores are finished, I’m going to treat myself to an at-home spa using my new homemade cotton washcloth and homemade soap, slather on some good smelling lotion and embellish my toenails with some brightly colored enamel.
“Come on already Carolyn, what’s all this talk about you have to do with free stuff for us?” you ask? 
Well, I’ve been in a crocheting mood lately and have been whipping out little washcloths and dishcloths in my down time (i.e. in the middle of the day when it’s a million degrees outside). 
I made a few washcloths for Rhiannon and figured that I was deserving enough to have my own.  Even though it’s just a stupid washcloth, it was mine and I made it and my simple “jump in the scalding water to scrub all that dirt off” shower was somehow made more special.
“No, really Carolyn, what does this have to do with US?”
Ok, ok. 
For your sudsing and washing pleasure, I present to you the following:

One handmade (by yours truly) girlie looking washcloth and one bar of goat milk soap (with help from Nettie & the gals in the barn).
You get not one, but two chances to win!  First entry is that you simply make a comment that you want to enter the contest.  Second entry I’ll make you work for……if you have a blog, link to this page on your blog & let me know you did so in another comment. 
Contest closes sometime on Monday (whenever I get around to sorting out entries).
Good luck!
PS – for those men that follow my blog and don’t want to enter the “Girlie Washcloth Contest”  because they feel their masculinity will be challenged, enter anyhow and say “It’s for my wife / girlfriend / daughter” and none of us will make fun of you for entering the contest.  Well, not in front of you at least.


  1. I also posted at my blog!

  2. I would love to be entered in the giveaway!

  3. I am visiting from Yart's blog [she's my cow sister. You can ask her why. giggle] and would be pleased to be entered. Thanks - the dishcloth is so pretty and happy! :)

  4. I love anything handmade!! Please enter me.

  5. And I posted on my blog. (fingers crossed!)

  6. Ooo, enter me. Or at least send me your dishcloth crocheting mood. I really need to be doing that myself.

  7. Love the look of the soap and handmade washcloth. Please enter me.

  8. Your washcloth is beautiful! Would love to win for my own at-home-spa-day!

  9. I need a spa day, too! Also linked!

  10. I even put you up on my blog and on facebook!

  11. That soap looks amazing! Toss me in the hat!

  12. I would love to win!! I've never actually used goat's milk soap before, since I'm new to the whole homesteading life!!

  13. I linked you for a second chance and to give a few of my friends a chance to check you out!!

  14. How sweet! I just learned to crochet, but since it took me about three hours to figure out how to one line, I think its safe to say I'd better stick to quilting. Sign me up, girlfriend! I could use a little girly-ness!