Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, actually two.  Rhiannon can’t seem to pick just one.

I’d post a picture of the scientific method, but as Rhiannon has been in “I can’t stand to have clothes on” kick, I didn’t think it appropriate for the blog.  Although it would have made a great blackmail picture when she got to be a teenager.
There were a total of thirty entries from the Krazo Acres blog, Homesteading Today and my Facebook page.  The first name drawn was Susan from the blog, the second was Natural Beauty Farm from HT.
So gals, send me your mailing address ( and I’ll get you the Girlie Washcloth and hockey-puck looking bar of goat milk soap.  Although I’ll have to start another washcloth this afternoon so give me a day or so to get your prizes to the post office
Thanks for playing and Happy Sudsing!

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