Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh no! WE'RE the bad neighbors!

While I was sitting at the computer typing my blog for today (which will now be posted tomorrow), the phone rang.  It seems that Moonshine, the wonder-beagle-mutt, has been wandering around lately and was hanging out at the neighbor’s house about a mile up the road.  I wasn’t’ sure why she’d go all the way up there (being old, short-legged and quite pudgy) until I realized that they have been hosting some picnics the past few weekends and it seems that she’s been giving the sad-doggie-eyes to any and everyone that had food.
So I drove up there to apologize and opened the car door to a less-than-enthusiastic mutt. They said it wasn’t a problem and that the younger daughter was enjoying the visits, but I still feel badly about it.  I’m one of those anal people who think that their animals should stay on their own property.  Although I will admit that our next door neighbor’s dogs visit our place and I really don’t mind.  But generally speaking, I think your animals belong on your property, not wandering around. 
Then on the drive back, I saw Harley by the other neighbor’s driveway (they weren’t home).  Harley has been following the car when we leave.  At first, he would stop at our next door neighbor’s house and visit with their dogs.  Now he’s wandering a bit farther to the second and third homes and I’m afraid that his travels will continue until he eventually follows us all the way up to the mule barn.  Which wouldn’t be too bad except the mule barn is awfully close to a busy road.  Not interstate kind’a busy, but still busy enough that I’d be worried.
Harley will follow us back when he sees the car go back towards the house, which is good, but I’m not sure how we’re going to get him to “Go Home” when we tell him to instead of following the car.
No, we don’t have our place fenced in except for the goats (and don’t plan on it in the near future).  No, we can’t keep Harley chained up.  I suppose I’m now just one of those kind of dog owners. Guess I’ll be checking out some dog training books from the library.  Any ideas?


  1. Consider yourself lucky you live in the country. I get yelled at if my dogs pee, sniff or (obviously) poo in peoples yards when I walk them. (I do pick up their poo) I got into a serious yelling match with a lady who drove up to me a few years ago to tell me that the whole neighbor hated me because I let me dogs do their business in their yards. Really? The WHOLE neighborhood? This is the same lady who makes her dogs do their business IN THE STREET. People are nuts. This is why I walk at 5am. (Bite Me)

  2. No matter what, there really aren't any sure-fired ways to keep a dog from wandering - especially when that pic-a-nic scent is in the air! I have my dogs on tie-outs when they're out with me. One dog wouldn't go more than 5 feet from me, but the other would be off in a flash. Problem out here is that they shoot first, and don't bother to ask.