Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Seeds!

Mama Tea over at A Farmish Kind of Life is having a seed giveaway.  And not just plain ‘ole seeds, but Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!

Go take a look see and enter for your chance to win some neat herb and vegetable seeds.  You get three chances to win, just post a comment on her blog and:
1.    Give a gardening tip
2.    Post her Giveaway on your blog
3.    Become a Follower
Easy as pie!  Anyways……
In giving my gardening tip for one of my entries, I thought I would share it here along with a picture:
I kept the hoops up & used them for supports.

Paul made me two raised beds right in front of the house last year (think easy weeding & picking) and this year he put some PVC hoops over them so we could extend the growing season by making them into hoop greenhouses for the early spring and winter.
Since I didn’t get my butt in gear earlier in the year, we never put plastic over the hoops so I didn’t start anything outside earlier than our last frost date.  But before we put away the hoops (that we just put up), I thought that I could use them to hold up the peas on the ends, and even the tomatoes and peppers in the middle of the beds. 
Paul tied some pieces of bailing twine horizontally across the hoops and the peas now have a support system.  I’m thinking of doing this (or having him do it…hehe) in the middle hoops when the other vegetables get taller.
We’ll be having fresh peas in no time!

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  1. Thanks for posting about this! And your tip is a great one!!