Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!

Several weeks ago, Tiny Gardener had a giveaway to celebrate her birthday.  How nice was that?  (Even nicer was the fact that yours truly was the winner of said giveaway)  So in order to continue the spirt of giving on one's birthday, I would like to do a Birthday Giveaway on my day of birth.

There's a cookbook I picked up a several years ago at the semi-annual library book sale.  It immediately caught my eye, not necessairly because I though it would become my favorite "Go-To" cookbook, but because of the intriguing title. 
If one were to flip through this cookbook, you would find recipe titles like.......

Big Molly's Cracker Pie (not sue if she's referring to white folk, or actual saltines)

Freddie Lou's Geecheed Cabbage (if anybody know what "geecheed" is, please let me know)

Mama Ellen's Fried Chittlins my ongoing attempt to clean out the clutter in the house (ha, that's a laugh), I would like to offer this book to one of my blog followers as gift:

But be forewarned!  The book is chock-full of recipes that contain mass quantities of Crisco, catsup, mini-marshmallows, Velveeta, oleo (what IS that?), packages of bologna, goldfish crackers, and something called "rat cheese". 

There is also a dish that includes the following main ingredient:  "1 quart fresh shucked oysters (no coon oysters for this)" 

The fact that they even had to point out that you should NOT substitute raccoon reproductive organs for the sea-dwelling bivalve mollusc was a bit frightening.

But there are also just as many natural or down-to-earth recipes using things like persimmons, turnip greens, bacon drippings, fresh "whatever you got in the cupboard" fruit and other ingredients otherwise not sealed in a mylar bag and treated with BHT. 

Also included are recipes for those often overlooked (sometimes on purpose) meats like raccoon, oppossum, deer, frog legs, squirrel, rabbit and even cooter!  No, that's not slang for one's privates - its a turtle.  Quote from the book: "When the cooter sticks his head out, cut it off with a hatchet."  Bet you're glad I clarified that for you now, hugh??

Nestled in between the pages of "Glennie Nell's Roast Christmas Possum" and "Wheezer's Cheese Pie" are several pages of pictures of things like country family get-togethers, hog butchering, and of course, casseroles.  This book was published in 2002, but the photos look as if they came out of the mid-70's.  Not sure if the pictures are just older, or if there are still people dressing like that. 

Even if you never use a single recipe in this book, I gare-un-tee that you'll at least get a laugh or two out of it. 

So you've got one week to enter for this "more than unique" cookbook!  Just leave a comment under this post and you'll be entered.  One entry per person, and only open to those with a US mailing address.

Good luck!


  1. Sign me up please, the book sounds like a hoot! :)

  2. Oh, and Happy Birthday to you! :)

  3. Excellent. Please enter me in the contest! :D

  4. No kitchen should be without this handy dandy cookbook! Everyone needs to know how to cook raccoon and squirrel. LOL Count me in and I hope your birthday turns out to be the best ever!!

  5. Oleo is margarine, I believe.

    I have more cookbooks than I will ever need, so please do not enter me in the contest (although I bet that book is a HOOT!), but I wanted to answer one of the questions for you.

  6. Okay - this is just a comment and not an entry - cuz I put that there same cookbook in OUR library book sale last year - do you think it migrated to you? It is a fascinating read! Did you know there was a sequel?

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Caroyln Renee, happy birthday to you!

  7. How did you get my mama's cookbook???? We been lookin' for it! Happy Birthday!!

  8. LOL--my mother had this cookbook! I would love to win it. Happy Birthday in advance (not sucking up, just sayin')!

  9. oh PUHLEESE pick my name! I would so love to have that cookbook, the rat cheese, that's what Mom always called longhorn cheddar, it came in a half moon shape and we always had it in the fridge! Carolyn, the Cartoon Oyster Bar is on Glenstone in Springfield, click on it on todays blog and the site will come up so you can get the exact address. If you know Spfd., it's across from the old Katz's. I'm old so I know where everything USED to be! And even tho it's a bar, they have a family area right off where we set and the back is where they had the band and firepit with another bar. So I would say yes, it would be fine to take a two year old. The food was killer bar food, great sandwiches and the day we went they had two specials on the board, the Seafood Chowder and your choice of sandwich for $5.99 and a Prime Rib special for $8.99. My husband got their tenderloin and homemade fries and he said it was great too. Have fun sweetie!

  10. I really need to clean out my cookbook cabinet! I think Susan and I still need to coordinate that challenge one day soon. Therefore, you don't need to enter me...but I did want to say...


  11. Happy Birthday!
    This cookbook looks amazing! love your blog, we have a garden in Chicago!

  12. Oh pick me,pick me,pick me. Now imagine me waveing my hand in the air back and forth. lol

  13. This sounds like a really fun cookbook! You talked me into wanting it so I'm entering too!

  14. Thanks all for the B-Day wishes!

    Tina, I had a hunch that Oleo was some sort of fake butter product after reading the recipes...but I've never seen it in the store. Or could be I just don't do much browsing in the margarine section.

    Susan, that gives me an idea...maybe I should sign my name in the book & then if the winner ever decides to pass on the book, they can sign it & on & on!

    Joycee, yup, got your comment about Cartoon's. Now I just have to figure a day trip up there!

    Welcome to our blog The Haus! You're from our old stomping grounds.

    SFG, I actually DID imagine you waving your hand like a crazed woman.

    Leigh, what's NOT to love about recipes that use bologna??