Friday, September 23, 2011

Chick Check, Week Three

Chicks at two days old:

Chicks at three weeks old (use the mason jar waterer as a size reference):

On her way to our place this past Monday, my Mom stopped at the feed store to pick up another bag of chick starter for me. $14.50 for a 50# bag.....ouch!  I originally started with a half-bag of starter (left over from Chistine's Silkies), went through one bag and I'm half through Monday's bag.  So that means the chicks have gone through approximately one hundred pounds of feed in twenty-two days.   And I'm not even keeping the feed bowls filled 24/7.  Fatties.
Even just glancing at them, I'd say the Cornish are definately eating (and pooping) more than their share.  Their abdomens are much larger than our barnyard mutt chicks and I'm assuming it's because of the mass quantities of food being processed by their not-so-little chick innards.  The Cornish have also started mobbing me when I put out their food for the morning.  Just last week, all the chicks would  scatter when I came into the barn and put their food down, waiting until I closed the door before chowing down.  But now the little buggers attack me when I open the door. 

Since they are pooping so much, I've had to clean out their stall twice now since they've been in the larger pen.  And it's starting to stink in just a few days.  I can't imagine how smelly it would be in the 100 degree weather (well, I can imagine actually).  I've been using the wasted hay (from the picky goats) as bedding in the chick stall, but it gets too matted too quickly.  I think I may have to go back to wood shavings.  The chicks will be able to scratch in the shavings easier and will hopefully increase the time between stall cleanings.


  1. Wow, those Cornish are growing FAST!!

  2. I can't believe I didn't wish you a happy birthday yesterday, I am such a chicken poop...this post reminded me of that! Hope you had a very happy day and that the celebration is still going on today! That is outrageous, $14.50 for feed. It's kind of like our food at the groc. store...take it or leave it! They are growing fast though and soon won't eat quite so much. I hope you got my message about where Cartoon's was. I left it on yesterday's post... it's on Glenstone, click on the name and their website should come up. Thanks for reading my drivel 4X yesterday!

  3. Look at them grow!! They are like teenagers in their appetites--lol--eat, eat, eat!

    You are going to have some yummy home grown chicken in the near future! :)

  4. It's a good thing they grow so fast. You wouldn't want those monsters around any longer than necessary! That wasted goat hay is a problem. If you ever solve it, fill the rest of us in on the secret! :) Happy chicken farming!

  5. I'm with Patty - thank goodness they grow quickly, or you'd go broke! The cost of our feed has increased almost every month this year. I'm lucky that I get locally milled grain, but the cost of their corn has risen and they have to pass it on. I think the shavings are better as bedding for chickens. Waste hay? My two munchkins eat ever single bit! The sheep are another story...

  6. I agree....the fact that they grow so fast is good, because honestly, even though their growth rate is a bit creepy, I am so HAPPY when butchering day comes in "just" eight weeks. Feed costs AND time costs.

    Susan, your goats don't WASTE hay???? Are you sure they are goats?