Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time for Tea

It's 7:30 as I'm typing my blog for today and you know what?   I've already finished my barn chores, the windows are open (not the back ones....stinky goat) there's a tiny breeze coming through, it's 50 degrees outsdie, Rhiannon is still rolling around in bed doing that "I want to see what Mommy's doing, but I really don't want to get up yet" and I'm sipping my second cup of hot tea this season.  I love my life!

I had my first cup yesterday morning with breakfast (Earl Gray with a spot of goat milk & Stevia.....got that sweet tooth, you know).  I wasn't sure if I was ready for it or not.  It's not like I didn't want the tea, it's just that I don't drink tea in the summer.  Hot tea is for those "cold" months.  And if I were to start drinking tea, that would mean that Summer was officially over.

Well, technically it's not over, at least according to the heavens as the sun has not reached it equinotical point yet (which happens on Sept. 23rd @ 9:04 am).  But the weather forecast for the next week shows us not even breaking 80 degrees.  This is a welcome relief, especially since it was just 99 degrees outside on Saturday (when Paul was outside in his long sleeves & heavy pants cutting and chopping wood, of course). 

The colder temps have made it a little harder on our new chicks though.  I have a heat lamp in their little pen, but when I went out there this morning, about half of them were huddled underneath it.  It was only 88 degrees, so I need to put in another heat lamp.  Other than being a bit chilled this morning, they are all still alive, running around like crazy chicks, pecking & kicking chick starter all around and having what seems to be a grand ol' time.  I think I'm going to do a weekly "Chick Check" so I can compare the growth rates between the Cornish & our barnyard layers.

Oh, and here's why my post, which started out at 7:30, didn't happen until 9:

Somebody just HAD to find out what was going on upstairs. :)


  1. I'm drinking my hot tea today too! Love this time of year!!!!!

  2. Not breaking 80! Heaven! Now, if it would just stop raining here...

  3. She's a doll! Love the quilt, too. I'm not a hot tea drinker, ever, but glad you enjoyed yours.

  4. I gave up on the official first day of fall a long time ago. The weather has a mind of it's own and that's what counts! LOL. Rhiannon is so cute!